Top 13 Windows 10 Skins You Must Use

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If you wish to use a new look for windows 10 because you get bored of the default skin. You can get new amazing skin by trying some simple techniques. However, some people are still happy with the default skin of windows 10. You can give an astonishing look to your windows 10 by exploring different themes for windows 10. Multiple platforms are providing themes for windows 10. Some people apply themes by using this method also.

You can get fresh skin for windows 10 by searching through the internet. For example, skin packs and Deviant Art. These websites provide themes that are made by an individual. If you get any theme from websites then you should like and say thanks to the creator of the theme.

Best Windows 10 Skins to Use in 2020

Multiple websites offer themes for windows 10. If you do not have enough time to search for themes then we can help you. A list of windows 10 skins are mentioned below.

Mac OS X EI Captain

If you get this theme then you can experience the Mac operating system theme in your computer. This is the most common and stable theme. It does not change your entire system.

Ubuntu Skin

This is another theme for windows 10 by Ubuntu SkinPack. This will make your PC look more unique. Ubuntu along with Mac skins are the most used themes all over the World. This theme will give a completely different look to your PC.

Aero Glass

As name shows, it will give a transparent glassy look to your system. This is the best choice for your system. This theme gives an elegant look to your system.


This is another simple but classy theme for your PC. You can manage light and dark version on your PC by using this theme. It looks simply diffident and classy.


You can smoothen up your PC by using this theme from SilkSkins. Your PC will get a beautiful look at this theme. You can get ethereal-looking PC by this look. Additionally, you can get a notebook display with this. You can choose the colour of your choice in this theme.


If you are looking for the theme that can give a soft look to your PC then this is the best skin. It will give interface without any border. This skin similar to online cloud services. You will get an elegant display for your PC by using this theme.


This is the most used theme for windows 10. This theme does not have much colour as compare to other themes. This theme provides simple and friendlier features. This theme gives a classy look to your PC.

Simplify 10

If you don’t like colours and complexity then this theme is perfect for your PC. This theme gives more space to work. This theme gives a soft and simple look to your PC.

Stardock Start 10

This theme will give your PC a fantastic display. This is in the list of most used themes. This theme hardly disappointed any of his users. This theme is fully customized. This theme will give your PC a fully customized display.


This theme gives the look of old-time themes to your PC. This theme gives the look of windows 7 to your PC with Windows 10 operating system. This theme gives a classy look to your PC with an old display.

Diversity x VS

This is another simple and classy theme for your PC. This theme accompanies you for late-night work. This theme does not disappoint anyone yet.

Anime Skins

If you are an anime lover then this theme will definitely amaze you. You can decorate your PC with this theme. There are multiple simple and elegant themes; however, this theme will make your PC colourful. You can set up your PC on anime look. You can get an anime theme by visiting SkinPacks or DeviantArt.

Windows 10 Dark Theme

If you love dark themes then this theme will make your PC classy and elegant. The dark theme will always look good with anything. This theme will also go with your personality. The dark theme will be the right choice for you if you love to work in simple mode. You also can Get Fake Credit Card Numbers With CVV That Work in 2020.


You can manage everything on your PC with simple and fully customized themes. It will be fun for you to explore the features of the new theme. It will raise your interest in working. By using these themes, you can manage your PC easily. Your activities on your PC will be more meaningful when you get the theme of your choice.

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