How To Use Visa Gift Card On Amazon


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Amazon is the largest online retail store operating at the moment. The store operates in different countries and has become a platform for both buyers and sellers. Almost everyone has tried Amazon products every once in a while but what we all loved was the Gift cards that we used to receive on birthdays and win in giveaways that allowed us to shop for free.

Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon Account

 Many people get their hands on the gift cards but are unable to redeem it successfully. If you are one of those individuals who are not aware of the method for redeeming your gift card then follow the steps below to successfully use your Visa gift card.


  • Activate your Visa gift card.


It is always better to check whether you need to activate your Visa gift card or not. Check the front side of the card for the activation status. Most Visa gift cards are pre-activated but it is always better to check. Activate the card by entering the pin number printed on the front side of the card. 


  • Check the value of the card 


If you receive a gift card from someone else then you need to check its value. Call the helpline number mentioned at the back of the card or check the status online on the website. 


  • Sign in


You need to sign in into your Amazon account in order to redeem your Visa gift card or to check the remaining balance in your Visa gift card account. Visit the site, log in to your account, and check the balance or select redeem card option based on your preferences. 


  • Add Balance


Now select the Reload your Balance option. You enter the balance directly or select from the list provided if it is whole numbers such as $50, $100, $200, or $500.


  • Redeem Your Visa Gift Card 


Go to the payment section and look for the ‘Add Card’ option at the bottom to add a new gift card to your account. Add all the details mentioned on the card just like you did with your credit card. 


  • Select the added card


If you wish to pay through your visa gift card then choose the option from the payment methods to use the credit as a means of payment.


  • Check the Terms and Conditions


Once you have completed the form and entered everything you will be asked to check the terms and conditions box. Read through the terms and conditions before hitting the button. Once you have read and understood the terms and conditions check the box. 


  • Confirm the addition 


In order to confirm your new visa gift card select the Reload button at the bottom of the game. 


  • Confirmation Message


A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen and will be emailed to you on your registered email address as well. And you are done!

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