3 Insta Profile Viewers – How To View Private Instagram Profiles

Insta Profile ViewersInstagram is one of the most widely used social media accounts at the moment. Millions of people from around the globe use Instagram to communicate with other people and share their experiences with others through pictures and videos.

The best thing about Instagram is the one doesn’t get bored of it because it is all about images and videos and no one gets bored of watching photos and videos.

View Private Instagram Profiles

How To View Private Instagram Profiles Online

The other best thing about Instagram is that you can make your profiles private which means that you only have to share the content with the people that you know. The private policy is quite amazing but at the same time, some people are not a fan of it.

Most of the profiles of Instagram are private and there are a number of individuals that would want to know what is there on the profile. People use different hacking techniques and methods to bypass private policy but always fail. Well, there are three ways that you try to view the private accounts so let us look at them in detail.

1- Try a Private Instagram Viewer

If you wish to bypass the privacy policy and view a person’s Instagram profile without them actually finding out then you should invest in a private Instagram viewer. This method is highly effective but at the same time, it will cost you some money and is also risky.

There are a number of online web tools that allow you to view Instagram profiles but the problem is that most of them are fake thus you will have to find the right one. This will take a lot of your time but when you with the right one you can definitely use it to view private profiles.

Steps to use Private Instagram Viewer:

  • Go to the Instagram Private Profile Viewer’s Website.
  • Enter the username in the space provided
  • Hit the view private profile button
  • If the username is correct then you will see the profile picture in a circle and if not then you can go back and try again with the correct username.
  • Complete the human verification process and you are done!

Use this method on your own risk as we will not be liable for any of the problems that might occur!

2- Ask directly

Creepy around a private user’s profile is a bit creepy so if you are not okay with hacking or other methods then you can always ask the person directly.

  • Send a follow request and wait for them to accept or decline
  • To help your case you can send a DM as well and if you are smart enough then you will get them to accept your follow request
  • If the user declines then don’t worry there are millions of other accounts as well.

3- Create a fake profile

This is another method. If the user doesn’t allow you to follow them you can always create a fake account that might seem appealing to them and they would allow you to follow them through that account. You have to use this method on your own risk because if the person finds out that you faking it then they might report your account. So be careful of what you choose to do!

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