Vector MOD And Guide For Unlimited money

Vector Mod APK -You might have known about Parkour. A kind of game that has been driven out from military techniques. These practical skills have been used to avoid obstacles. All you have to need is a T-shirt, pants, sports shoes and a lot of training to become a champion. This will require hard work, dedication because this sport might be dangerous to practice.

vector mod apk

Summary about Vector MOD APK

Name Vector
Latest Version 1.2.0
Size 89M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Platforms Android 4.0, iOS 6.0
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To mention this game is because of its inspiration that has been taken from this game by publisher Nekki to launch a game Vector that will be discussed below. This game is similar in nature with Subway Surfers, having an interesting thought behind it. An employee quits on having too much pressure from work and jumps from 30th floor of the building. Now he has to run as fast as he can otherwise guards will chase him.

Graphics like Shadow fighting:

Graphics has been designed carefully and are similar to shadow fight because the main character’s act. Special context has been put behind it which gives it a very flexible and realistic touch giving you a unique experience. There might be a lag problem but you will get used to it when play often.


This game has 2 modes i.e., Hunter mode and Story mode. In story mode, you will perform the employee whose task is to run, jump, climb etc. to avoid being caught by the security officers which are active to catch you upright when you stumble.
It is easy to play all you have to do is wipe to jump, two times to double jump, when encountering acceleration areas swipe right. You have to be on point because officer behind you will also be able to speed up.

In hunter mode, you will be the officer chasing the employee. Although the heavy uniform seems heavy but he can perform all the techniques quite well to surprise the enemy.

Unlock 100+ Parkour moves:

This game increases its experience by allowing you to learn skills by collecting gold by running which makes it similar to shadow fight. But there has to be used carefully to unlock the special moves to beat your enemy. A feature of shortening time is also available below that gives you a lot of money to unlock this.

This game can be played anytime easily. You collect the stars to unlock the levels. And by winning you pass the stages to overcome the difficulties. On a failure, you try to play again and again to achieve a higher level.

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