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Traffic Rider MOD And Guide For Unlimited Money, No Ads


Traffic Rider Mod APK – Just like the need for speed or asphalt 8, nowadays there is a trend of motorcycle race games as well but the quality of graphics is not up to the mark. Another reason is the excessive ads that restrain the players. But sonar kara has launched a motorcycle racing game with no adds named traffic rider.

traffic rider mod apk

Summary about Traffic Rider MOD APK

Name Traffic Rider
Publisher Soner Kara
Genre 3D, Offline, Racing
Latest Version 1.61
Size 80M
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Platforms Android
Get It On

There is literally no ads hindering the game. The ads have been placed rightly that takes up minimum space of your phone’s screen and a plus point is these ads have turned off themselves. That’s right no full display of ads and hindering player to push the cancel button in order to resume their game.

Transformed into a rider:

This game is for speed lovers who are enthusiastic about it, it will give you to experience being on the highway with full speed to check your reflexes. The only thing that will make you lose the game is the one distraction.

At the start, you will be given just a motorcycle with 100 Km/hr speed. But on the track, you will be tackling with full speed possible and not hit other cars on the highway. Try to complete the mission the game provides you and you will get bonuses to get more expensive vehicles. These bonuses will be difficult to get but you have to ride the bike at 100 Km/hr but try to avoid the cars on close range.


Controlling the bike would not be a problem as the two sets of keys are displayed on the screen. Brakes will be used to slow down the vehicle, accelerate to speed up. There will be many obstacles on the road so be careful. Weather constraints should be taken care of as it may affect the functioning like night vision will be difficult or when it rains you will have the grip problem.


This game will provide you with the best of experiences in terms of graphics. Even the slightest of things like car formation or background or weather and the highway everything has been designed particularly. Mostly the cars have been designed just like in real life which makes it more exciting.

Moreover, there has been a large sound system as the developer’s record engine sounds and those have been used in the game to let you feel the exact sound of the motor, making it more dynamic and realistic.

Motorbikes system:

These motorcycles have been designed based on real-life ones. Brands like Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Kawasaki, etc. have their motorcycles in the game.

Sum up:

This game will give you fun experience with more than 40 levels being played in various locations and modes. The game can be downloaded on all platforms like ios. Windows, Android.

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