The You Testament MOD And Guide For Unlocked All


The You Testament Mdickie APK – Based on the Bible, the game is a simulation developed by Mat Dickie who also launched school days and wrestling revolution. Although his games are of low-quality graphics because they work better but the content is quite interesting.

the you testament mdickie apk

Summary about The You Testament MOD APK

Name The You Testament
Publisher MDickie
Genre 3D, Adventure, Offline
Latest Version 1.060
Size 39M
MOD Features Unlocked All
Platforms Android 4.0
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Mat Dickie’s last game was The You testament but he developed the sequel to it on the content of Muhammad who founded Islam name making of a Prophet.


The game will send you back in times of Jesus where after developing your characters like Columbus or Thor you will be meeting him. There will be stories from the bible.
As you will be experiencing at least 50 stories from the bible and the interesting things is you can change them by your choices.

The game allows you to understand the Bible in the most unique way you can imagine. If you are not that religious the game still be able to grab your attention through many activities. This game is like other simulation games where you can see the reactions of your actions and what changes they may bring in the future.


On the screen of the game comprises the joystick simulated key on the left to govern the character’s movement. Clicking twice in the direction you wish to run. Some of the keys are:

A is for attack
G to hold or throw
P is for picking or dropping an object.
U to use the object you want.
P and U to combine the two objects
Eye icon to click sleep or hold to contemplate.

Each decision opens a new story:

Various experiences can be done by your choices like a guard approaches you to pay tax. If you are okay with it nothing will happen but not you will be thrown into jail and a new story begins. Either way, you will be facing different circumstances.

Many interesting activities:

Catching animals will make your character hungry. You will be hunting chicken, rabbits, geese, etc. for your meal. When you get full and still eat you will most likely vomit. This will result in a reduction of health in your health bar.

To recover your health you need to sleep. But sleeping can also cause a reduction in health bar if you sleep in an uncomfortable place like floor. So you have to sleep in a warm place or bed to maintain your energy.

You face many challenges like dying people so you can save them by holding in your arms. Good deeds will make you feel blissful and will get their appreciation as well.


Explore 50 thrilling stories from the bible in this exciting game and modify your disposal.

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