Swamp Attack MOD And Guide For Unlimited Money/Energy

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Swamp Attack Mod APK – Living in a peaceful environment in the marshlands and one gets disturbed and attacked by monsters. One will do anything to protect his home from them. Swamp attack is a fun game that combines tower defense games with shooting games.

swamp attack mod apk

Summary about Swamp Attack MOD APK

Name Swamp Attack
Publisher Outfit7
Genre 2D, Offline, Shooter
Latest Version 3.0.1
Size 70M
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Energy
Platforms Android 4.1
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Simple gameplay:

The start is quite gentle with a man sitting peacefully in his comfy chair with a gun holding in his hand. This calm gets disrupted by the first attack by a crocodile from the pong which gets killed by the gun in the man’s hand. The gameplay is simple, just touch the screen where monsters appear.

The game contains 300 levels having different chapters to make you feel excited throughout the game. The starting levels are easy where the crocodiles get killed by the guns easily but as you reach the higher levels the monsters will be more dangerous and even hard to kill. For this, the money earned by killing in the start will get used to upgrade and unlock new weapons.

There are 35 types of monsters with unique powers to kill you. So you better kill them first when they are far from your house. In that way, you will not hurt to heal. Yes, there are medicines that will heal you from the monster’s attack.

Weapon System:

The selection of weapons has been restricted to a shotgun in initial stages but gradually by getting the money, you will be able to unlock powerful weapons to kill the enemy. Drag and drop can be used to activate secondary weapons like explosives, acid rain and gas tanks, etc.

The system of collecting gold during the stage or at the end of the game is extremely important as it is a way to upgrade and unlock new weapons. Enhance the quality of weapon and defense equipment to get more HP to your house.

Some other modes:

Other than the main mode, there is an exciting mode which will be more fun. It is a Quick mission mode, an interesting way to get you more money. In this mode, weapons will be given before the match starts to try to achieve as many as possible. There is a multiplayer option that allows you to play with friends.

Simple design:

The graphics are simple in cartoon style manner. The background is constant that is an image of a house in marshland from start to end. That can be a bit boring to look at throughout the game.

Should we play Swamp Attack?

Not a very extraordinary game but definitely a fun one. The gameplay is humorous with monsters coming up to attack your house and how you manage to protect your swamp.

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