Download Snapchat++ IPA for iOS, iPhone, Android, PC

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Download Snapchat++ IPA for iOS, iPhone, Android, PC

Snapchat++ IPA for iOS 12, iPhone, Android, PC

It is the frequently used application and used by many users. This application can be run on Android and iOS devices. Aware of the fact many creators of the apps copy the original applications and create a brand new application founded on the same basic principle but extra features are added. So snapchat++ has been introduced by original snapchat. This snapchat++ application is specially made for iOS devices. Usually, these new applications demand permissions for running on the device.

Although for using snapchat the user does not have to jailbreak but it’s also not available on the app store because of issues of copyright.  Therefore, the user has utilized some extra tools in order to install this app on the iOS device. Let’s have a look at the extra features provided by this application.

1 the main feature is that there is no need for jailbreaking the iOS device in order to download and install this application.

2 in contrast to other applications, in this app the user can set customized sounds for the notifications. Moreover, the user can also alter the launch view.

3 the application can run on all versions of iOS.

4 the user can also take off the up-to-date sharing of location feature.

There are more such features that have been included in this app that a user will enjoy while making use of them.

Now we will guide you about its installation procedure on the iOS devices by using a PC.

Some Prerequisites:

1. first of all the user has to uninstall the application of snapchat from his apple device before initiating the installation of snapchatt++ on the device.

2. the user must be equipped with connection cables so to sync his device to the pc.

3. The user must have also installed iTunes on his PC. If the user has Apple pc then iTunes will be present on his computer by default.

Steps to Install Snapchat++ using a PC/Computer

Step 1–  now first the user has to link his iOS device to his PC through connecting cables.

Step 2 download through the below-mentioned link, download the .ipa files ofsnapchat++

(Download Snapchat ++ Link is Working)

Step 3 from the below-mentioned link, download Cydia Impactor for windows

‘‘ this link,

Download for Windows

If you are a mac user then use the below link for downloading

‘’ here.

Download for Mac

Step 4– now the user will get the Cydia Impactor files extracted and then install them on his pc.

Step 5– after the above step, the user will start Cydia Impactor and he will drop the IPA of snapchat++ into the window of Cydia Impactor that has been downloaded in step2.

Step 6–  now the user will be asked for his Apple ID and password. If one does not a valid Apple ID then he can make a dummy account that is valid for 7days.

Step 7– after entering the Apple ID and its password, the user will be logged into the account of snapchat++.

Step 8–  after that snapchat++ has been installed, the user will start Settings and then move to General>>Profiles on that ‘same device of iOS.  Here the user will search for the application and then tap on Trust. If the user misses this step intentionally then he will not be allowed to use this application on his device.

Step 9–  after all the above-mentioned steps have been completed, the user will move back to his main screen. O this home page, the user will see a shortcut to snapchat++. Now the user has to tap on this shortcut in order to start sbapchat++ application on apple device.

Note:  there might be a possibility that the snapchat++ application might stop because of the different attempts of verifications.  To overcome this issue, one can install another application by using the name “Anti Revoke” from the link mentioned ‘‘. This application will aid in stopping the attempts of verifications and thus keeping your application certificate safe from being canceled.

Install Snapchat++ on iOS 11, iOS 12 No PC and No Jailbreak?

Here we will guide you on ways to install this application on your iOS device without the use of laptop/PC.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the link mentioned below:

Now download “Regular” Free of cost version of TuTu Helper.

Step 2:  After that click on “Install” and the installation will begin. After installation is done, move to settings> General > Profiles & Device Management. Then onwards search for ENTERPRISE application field and trust the creator.

Step 3:  Now in the search bar write “snapchat++” and tap on search. Then click on the GET button in order to download it.

Run Snapchat++ on your device using TweakBox 2019

Another method for downloading snapchat++ is described below:

Step 1: Launch a browser and visit the below-mentioned link:

Step 2:  on this website, there will be a download option available. Click and download the app and install it by giving the permissions.

Step 3: here you have to create your profile and then search for “TweakBox for iOS” application. Click on the icon. Now start snapchat++ on the device by using this application of TweakBox.

Step 4:  Open the application and find for “snapchat++” and install this application.

Step 5:  now the user can run snapchat++ on his iOS devices.

Download Snapchat++ (Video Tutorial)

Wrap Up: so in this article we have discussed ways to install snapchat++ on all iOS devices with and without the use of pc/laptop. If you find any problems regarding this app then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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