8 Genuine Ways to Earn Free Robux in 2020 (100% Working)

The cash used in Roblox game is termed as Robux. We provide the most authentic ways to gain free of cost Robux.

Through Robux the players can buy different promotions, features in the game. In the game, it’s also possible to buy these upgrades by completing various missions and tasks. However, the gamers who want to experience an abundance of features of the game usually explore ways to get Free Robux. For that, they find different generators that provide free robux. Since robux is a necessary element of the game, therefore, we bring legal ways to acquire free Robux.

Get the free Robux using RobuxMania

The best authentic site to earn robux is RobuxMania. The working mechanism of this site is to get 1000 points to earn 1000 robux. You also receive 5 Robox on your sign up.

Get the Builders Club Membership

The next way is to buy Builders Club membership in order to receive free of cost Robus of a particular amount. The value of this amount increases according to your membership type.

Many offers have been started by the Roblox company like a single-person starter kit for the members. They can further be utilized to earn free Robux for free. These kinds of memberships will always benefit the premium members in getting free Robux.

Trading Collectibles in the Builders Club

The club members are also allowed to make deals and exchange items to get free Robux. One has the freedom of setting his own price value on the valuables he gets during the game.

Selling Your Crafts & Creations

Other than selling items one can also send his own made objects or else he can design some building for others in exchange of free robux.

Earn free Robux using Google Play codes

The other way to attain free robux is through Google Play codes. So for this purpose, one has filled out free survey forms or any other task. Then the points earned through this activity can be used to get google play codes. Further, these codes can be redeemed into Robux.

Earn free Robux using iTunes credit

iTunes balance can also be used to earn free Robux. By completing various surveys and performing different tasks you will get points which can be redeemed to free Robux from the App Store.

P.S.  it’s important that you have an iOS device.

Earn Rixty codes for free Robux

Rixty provides many game points, especially for Roblox. To attain Rixty codes, one has to complete surveys, subscribe to various newsletters, etc. after these tasks one gets the points which can be converted to Rixty codes (sent in email). These Rixty codes are easily used for getting free Robux in your account.

Final Words

These are yet all the legal methods that will benefit you for the long run. Don’t get scammed by other fake websites and methods. However, you will get many illegal websites that will work for a short period but won’t last long when the software glitches are solved by Roblox cooperation.

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