It is very difficult to get an original site of comic books sometimes, that allow reading these books online and for free.

1- Marvel

If you are a fan of renowned comics like Thor, Deadpool, The Avengers etc then is the right place to go to. You will easily get the famous comic books to read here.

This site accommodates more than 20,000 comics on their site. The user can read his favorite comics on his pc system or mobile devices(android and iOS). The user can also keep about 12 books safe on his devices.

The user can begin with free issues and after that, he can also subscribe to the Unlimited subscription –package of Marvel that will cost him only $9.99 per month or $69 per annum.

2- DC Kids

This site has comics for young kids. Comics like Batman stories, Superman and wonder woman are available on this site. This site is the best place for young readers. However, it does not a huge database but the comics present here are renowned comics.

3- ComiXology

This site will give access to Graphic novels, Manga, indie.

There are numerous comics that a reader can read for free of cost but in case if the reader wishes to have an unlimited subscription plan then he can have it by paying $5.99 per month an then can read more than 10,000 graphic novels and comics anytime.

4- Comic Book Plus

This site has a huge database for comic books, pulp fiction, and comic strips. This site provides all of its content free of cost and the user can go through the boos and download them anytime.

5- DriveThru Comics

This site sells fiction, digital comic books, and role-playing games when demanded to print them. This site has been giving these services since 2001.

This organization has many creators and also provided free of cost comic books.

6- DigitalComicMuseum

The reader can simply and easily register an account at this site and can then download ever comic book for free of cost. The aim of this site is to make the availability of comics and hence they have free of cost Golden Age Comic books.

Their site is basically made for download purposes. Therefore if you wish to read comics rather than downloading it then the user can only tap on the preview button.

Many TV spin-offs can also be found here. Moreover, comics related to humor can also be found on their site; however, there are not updated and famous comics available.

7- Comic Blitz

Comic Blitz has a lot of indie publishers and even though it does possess any Image comics, marvel comics but still, it overcomes this through indie comics, for example, Valiant Classic, Zenoscope, and Dynamite.

There are two types of plans for subscription: Free of cots and unlimited.

The user can access the whole website, iOS and pc feature free of cost subscription. The user can also subscribe to the unlimited plan for $7.99 per month and can read any time.

8- Newsarama

This site has a lot of content that is far more than comics.

Newsarama is the site where the user will find science fiction books and also the reader can study updated news and even have a discussion on theories, comic books movies, etc.

9- ElfQuest

ElfQuest has a huge database of about 20 million comic books and also graphic novels. This site has been running for a long time and providing a lot of graphic novels. Here the user can have free access to more than 7000 vintage stories. The reader can also order his favorite books.

10- Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a digital library that lets users have access to different audio recordings, web site pages, videos, books, and software programs too.

The user will also have access to digital books. The good thing about this site is that it provides these services free of cost. The reader can create or register this account for free and can read any book or comic he likes to.


So that is what this entire article is about. The above-mentioned sites lie in the top ten best and trustworthy sites from where the reader can read download comics, books, graphic novels, audio recordings, different sites have different features and services too. Some sites will provide many services for free while some will cost some money.

By going through this article will help you in knowing the best comic sites and will save your time from being wasted by false sites. So if you love reading and finding good sites for comic reading then do go through this article. We hope that you find this article helpful. If you like this article then do share it with your friends and family.