PUBG Mobile MOD And Guide For Latest Update Version

PUBG APK Download – PUBG Corporation has developed a game, based on the ideology of the last man standing originated from the film Battle Royale, called PUBG (Player underground battleground). The game has 100 players who will get dropped in a deserted land to find weapons to kill the opponent without getting killed. The safe area will be reduced with some interval of time to force players to come in the smaller area to fight. The last fighter will win the game.

pubg apk download

Summary about PUBG Mobile APK

Name PUBG Mobile
Genre 3D, Online, Shooter, Survival
Latest Version 0.15.0
Size 45M
MOD Features No
Platforms Android 4.3
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After launching, within 3 months it has gained vast popularity by people who are playing from all over the globe. To bring its mobile version was a tactic by Tencent and Bluhole in an action of opponent game Fortnite’s mobile app launch. To bring it in a mobile platform for both android and IOS, PUBG has defeated all by scoring the 1st position in all mobile gaming charts.

Original graphics:

The graphics amaze the players as it has been kept similar to the PC version which is remarkable. Those rendered images resemble realistic views. It starts with the plane carrying all players over an island. From where you can choose your landing spot and parachuting to reach there. The flying is in peace before all the fight began.

Everything including cars, houses, grass, hills, and sea has been designed in particular to give you a unique experience. All characters have given the details to provide an attention-grabbing experience.

Playing PUBG on Mobile is simpler:

It is a bit easier in the mobile version as compared to computers because of its auto-loot feature. You don’t have to that on your own as in PC where you press F to open a door or crate or drive.

There are no shortcuts to remember but virtual keys on the screen to perform activates like sit, jump, shoot and driving, etc. as in the PC version.

Other details:

There are 3 different levels of armor, bags, and a helmet. The higher of these you get the more protected you will be. The modes single, duo, and the squad has the death circle which goes faster gradually so you don’t want to die out of the zone. Don’t forget to run into the circle of the map to save yourself.
Further, you can get prizes and rewards from logging in or getting a bonus to upgrade your weapons, etc.

PUBG Mobile FAQs:

1. Are there any new things in PUBG mobile version 0.14.0?
2. Any MOD form of it?

Sum Up:

This game amazes you by its highly thorough graphics, live echoes making it fun and realistically beautiful to play.

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