Best 21 Streaming Sites Like Project Free Tv in 2020

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In the past, you might have seen TV series and movies on the Project Free Tv. But now you have many different options to stream movies and series. Streaming websites are growing exponentially. But these streaming websites do not work like Project Free Tv. People used Project Free Tv a couple of years back. Websites that have similar names with Project Free Tv began to pop up. They have similar names and they copy everything from Project Free Tv. Some websites had many ads that are irritating to the user. If you really want to watch movies or series from these sites you have to use an ad blocker.

There are many streaming websites all over the internet. These websites provide multiple exciting features. Some websites provide streaming without ads. This is very rarely happens that you find a streaming website without ads. In this article, we will discuss some other awesome streaming websites without ads like Project Free Tv.

Alternative Streaming Sites for Project Free Tv

Many streaming websites on the internet are working amazingly. These websites last longer than their predecessors but Project Free Tv could not keep up with their survival. There are multiple streaming websites that provide the latest movies and series. These websites provide movies in HD quality. You can use these websites on your portable devices as well, for example, mobile phones, IPad, tablets e.t.c. In this article you will know about 21 best streaming websites that are mention below. You also can Get Free Hulu Account Premium Username and Password in 2020.


This website provides movies and series similar to Project Free Tv. This website provide movies in high definition. It has its own original content. Hulu provides Castle Rock and Handmaid’s novel as their original content. You have to subscribe premium version if you want to watch movies on high quality. Series library and movies library change every month. If you want to access everything on Hulu then you have to pay for it.


It also provides you the original content. You can access all the content from all over the World other than oriental content. It has content from UK, USA, Australia, Japan and many other countries. You can access anything you want to watch either on the free version or premium version. You can watch movies free of cost but if you want to enjoy more, then you have to go with the premium version.


Hooq is an Asian streaming website. Hooq provides you all types of original content. It also provides you the Hollywood content and Asian content as well. It categorizes each movie and series clearly. You can find any movie with the help of a search bar.


Netflix is the most commonly used streaming website nowadays. You can access Netflix from all over the World. You can also download the content from Netflix. you have to create an account if you want to access all features. It does not contain ads. You can enjoy movies with trial version but if you want to get access to more feature then you have to pay for them.

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers a streaming website named as Amazon Prime. It has a huge collection of movies and series like Project Free Tv. It provides you to enjoy content from different channels. It has a lot more features that make it different from Project Free Tv. You can get free shipping, paying bills and a lot more from Amazon. You can get free access for up to 6 months with your .edu website. After the expiration of the trial version, you have to pay half of the bill.


If you are obsessed with game of thrones and many other web series then HBO Now is the best site for you. You can watch movies and series from your portable devices as well. You can get access to the HBO Now content by using its account. If you want to get access to all the content of HBO Now content then you have to get the service from HBO Now service provider otherwise you cannot get the service.


This streaming website helps you to directly download any kind of movie and series. You can find any movie from its search bar or it is also present in categories. Click on the download link under the promotional video then click on the quality which is compatible with your device.


It also contains the latest movies and web series to save you from boredom. It displays movies and web series on its home page but if you find some other movie then you have to search through the genre tab. You can get access to the movies by registering your account.


This website provides you a variety of movies and web series. You can even watch anime on it. This website is like Project Free Tv.

Tubi TV

It also provides a vast collection of movies and series. It provides all kind of genre with a huge collection of movies and series in it. You have to create an account in order to get access.

Free Alternative Streaming Sites to Project Free Tv
If you don’t have enough money to subscribe to streaming sites then you can go with free streaming sites. There is a list of free alternative streaming sites to Project Free Tv.

CW Seed

It provides you the drama series and different tv shows. It provides content apart from its original content. You don’t need to create an account to watch shows and drama series.

Pluto TV

This website offers you many kinds of content, for example, web series, films, news, tv shows and a lot more. You cannot select what you want to watch but you can select the channel you want to watch. It also offers exclusive content from CNET, IGN and many other sites.


It contains documentaries, old movies and B-rated films also. This site carefully reviews the content of directors. They manage their collection of content carefully. It is free of cost. You can watch all the content on high quality.

Yahoo View

You can watch movies and series for free. It has less original content. It has a partnership with Hulu. It provides you the streaming service of shows from ABC, NBS and FOX. Yahoo will not be able to produce new content. However, it still has old content on its website. It also streams anime.

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