Top 15 Best Cool Prank Websites On Internet in 2020

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Best Prank Sites 2020: so the main concept of pranking is to make someone fool by doing various stuff. This brings funny and hilarious results for those people who are not familiar with the fact that they have been pranked. This brings enjoyment for viewers as well.

These videos are fun to watch because the reactions of the persons being pranked are hilarious. So pranksters are always busy in finding new ideas to prank people and make funny videos. So here we are going to provide you the lisdt of those sites that uploads the best prank or trolling videos.

Top 15 Best Cool Prank Websites On Internet 2020

What Do “Prank/Trolls” Stand For?

When searched through the internet, the “Pranking” is explained as the formation of a funny video and then posting it online intentionally.

Now troll subjects a different idea for every individual. There are many people who believe that the comments posted by them are the only worthy comment for a relevant video. However, after some time they come to know that they have done a job what a troller will do. So do take caution while making a prank video that you do not get affected by the cyber malware.

Best Cool Prank Websites On Internet Of 2020

1 Blow Up The Phone | Best Prank Websites

This website is amazing in pranking your friends and family. This site will send numerous text messages and calls to your friend from various phone numbers. You can send a huge number of text messages and a lot more calls to your friend. You even got the option to select the number of messages and calls to send to your friend phone.

2 Fake Update

In this site, an updated screen of iOS, Android phone, and Windows is displayed. This screen is a fake one that you can make use to troll your friend.

3 WhatsFake

This site helps you in doing fake conversations that will be shown as if you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp. So you can show someone as if you are talking to someone and keeping the curiosity to the person sitting next to you.

4 Greatbigstuff

This site will let the user to online order normal and ordinary products like a pen, paper, etc. however; these products won’t be in their usual size but will be quite huge. Your friends or on whom you use this prank won’t be expecting such huge products.

5 ShipYourEmemiesGlitter

This website helps you in sending someone the glitter bomb. So to whom you will send this surprise, of course, they will be mad at you.

6 GIFdanceParty

This website allows the user to make his own gif of a dance party and then the user can further send it to his friends. However, this site can also be used for pcs.

7 Nyan It

This site allows you to copy and paste the URL/ website address of any website on this website and this site will put Nyan cats on it. Then copy-paste this new address/URL to any of your friends. Now, wait and watch their reactions.

8 Shit Express

This site lets the user send any kind of shit to anyone he wants and anywhere he wants to. The user has the option available to select the type of animal’s shit he wishes to send.

9 Cat Facts

This site is used to share the facts and figures about the cats to your pals. The user can decide the number of facts to send to his friends. This is also a good prank website. You can send a hell of facts to your friends about cats.

10 Hacker Typer | Best Prank Websites

In this start, one will type anything he wishes to and the result will seem like some kind of code, whoever looks at it.

11 Peter Answers

In this website when the user writes down a question in the box it tells very nice and funny answers and you can use that for trolling other people. It’s similar to Siri but the difference is in the replies it gives.

12 News of Future

This site will tell you about the future news that might be possible soon. It is a hilarious and good website for trolling purpose.

13 Geek Typer

This site is very similar to the hacker type sites. By using this site one can start pranking people near you.

14 Crashsafari

By using this site’s link and sending it to anyone will close the browser of any personal computer or even on mobile devices.

15 JibJab Messages| Latest Prank Sites 2020

This site helps you in adding funny GIF and also messages to your selfie pictures. Then these pictures look hilarious and funny after they have been customized and edited through this site.

Wrap Up:

So In this article, we discussed the most trolling and funny prank sites on the internet. The user can use these sites to troll and prank his family and friends and everyone else. If you think that we have missed out some kind of prank site then do let us know. Now you can use this above-mentioned site for trolling your friends and family and can enjoy. Moreover, you can use them and then record funny videos too to keep funny memories. Hope you loved this article and many people who did not know about funny sites might get guidance from this article and can enjoy trying different pranks on their friends and families.

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