3 Working Methods to Hack PUBG Resources (Unlimited)

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Player Unknown Battlegrounds Hack – Fighting games are the best but recently everyone has been into survival games because they just build up a different kind of interest in people. They are much more fun and exciting than regular fighting games thus are gaining much more popularity within a short period of time. One of the best survival fighting games is Player Unknown Battle Ground which is also known as PUBG. Within a short amount of time, the game has gained a lot of popularity and now there are competitions regarding the game that make it much more fun.

Even though PUBG is a great fighting game but still are users who kind of find it hard to play as well which is why game hackers came up with some crazy PUBG hacks that make the game much more easy and fun. There are a number of hacks that you can try which makes the game unbelievably amazing.

How to Get Working PUBG Hacks

PUBG is all about killing other people and surviving. There are different combat grounds and scenarios and you either play alone or you play with friends to be the last surviving person. Plus there are different ammo and gear that you can find to make the game much exciting as well but if you download the PUBG hack then their gears get hacked and provide you with some extra features as well.

These extra features such as extra ammo, automatic kill and everything else increase the chances of winning that is only if the other players don’t find it and don’t report you because if they report you then the severs will block you for cheating.

Features of PUBG Hack

There are different features that you get with PUBG hack and some of them are;

  • PUBG Radar Hack – This radar hack gives you an advantage over the other players because you can see them clearly on the map. It indicates their name, location, and resources that they are carrying. The more you know about your kill the better.
  • Wallhack: The wallhack quite famous in PUBG because the players can really use it. Not knowing what or who is inside the building can be quite daunting. The wallhack allows you to see through the walls and other objects as well.
  • No recoil – not having to reload every time you are in contact with your enemy can be quite devastating. So this amazing hack lets you shoot continuously without having to worry about reloading.
  • Aimbot – This hack automatically aims are the opponents so that you don’t have to aim yourself. This comes in quite handy if you suck at pointing at people.

Along with these, there are some other hacks as well that you can get with the PUBG hack but you have to be careful that you get the hack from trusted sites because developers will say that their hack is undetected but if you get caught then you will lose your entire profile.

How to get PUBG Hack?

There are different ways in which you can get your hands on PUBG hacks. Almost everyone wants them because they make the game easy for you to win. Most players don’t as well because sometimes they might kill the fun out of it but let us be honest every one of us wants to win.

Methods 1

  • Download the cheat file. It will be in the form of a zip file. Simply download the file to your PC.
  • A setup file will pop up on your screen
  • Run the file till the end
  • A PUBG icon will appear on your screen
  • Open the file and choose the hacks that you want. Reboot your PUBG game.
    And you are done.

Method 2

If you want to get battle points then the best way to do so is to get to a corner and don’t do anything. Just staying at a place will not get you killed and if you survive then you will get the necessary points that you need to win the game.

Most players do this just to farm battle points. But the drawback of this method is that you don’t have to do anything which kills the fun from the game. If you are not going to fight then what is the point of playing the game. Just for collecting points? But well everyone has their own reasons to play the game.

Method 3

This method is all about writing your own hacks in the live game. This method is called the farming bot method. You can get different codes online and you can type them in during the game to get the hacks. The most common bot hack is called aimbot which we have discussed above. You can make various changes in the game using bots which will help you move your character from one place to another, get automatic shoots and etc.


When you search the net, you can get your hands on a number of different hacks that you would like. But always remember that even though every person will claim that their hack is legit but doesn’t mean that it is. You have to be careful about which developer or hacker site you use for the codes because most of them are fake thus using them will only cause trouble.

There are some hacks that are secure and don’t comply with Battle-ye thus they are safe to use. Try to use them first if you are new because you don’t want to get caught by the servers. They won’t show any mercy and will simply remove your profile. So be careful and be smart.

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