Pinatamasters MOD And Guide For Unlimited Coins/Diamonds

Pinatamasters Mod APK – Playgendary has launched its latest arcade game called Pinatamasters. Pinata is famous in Mexican festivals as it is made of cloth and waste paper contain candies and toys. People usually in festivals hang it on top and hit it till the candies came out. This game can be enjoyed by both children and adults mainly because of getting a lot of candies. If you are a person who wants a lot of fun, then you have come to the right place. Download this fun game Pinatamasters on your phones to enjoy to your fullest.

pinatamasters mod apk

Summary about Pinatamasters MOD APK

Name Pinatamasters
Genre 2D, Arcade, Offline
Latest Version 1.2.7
Size 71M
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Diamonds
Platforms Android 5.0
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Addictive game:

From childhood, Pinata has been the life of the party. It appears in mostly all festive occasions. Pinatamasters is similar to kick the Buddy developed by Playgendary. Rather than just kicking the teddy, you will be striking the piñata awaiting the coins dropped. You can change your style and weapon after completing a stage and for that, you will need to give maximum damage.

Pinata can be an animated character or unicorn or panda by many people. This game has many funny expressions when beaten by the players for the sake of amusement. This game gives you a chance to have fun instead of being in a competition and being worried about your win.

Weapons system:

Generally, Pinata has been hit by a stick which we also see at the start of the game but it gives you a variety of weapons to hit it later like guns, knives, grenades, and swords, etc.

Obviously, it won’t be as easy as it looks. You have to carefully strike the piñata when it is being protected by a shield to do a maximum of the damage to get more coins each time you attack.

Features of Pinatamaster MOD:

There is an interesting thing about Pinatamaster that you can unlock and upgrade the weapons even if you have no coins. Moreover, if you have money it will be reduced when you do any advancement.


The simple yet beautifully designed gameplay offers you bright and pleasing 2D images. Especially for kids, this game will absolutely fun to play. Besides the visuals, the funny sound ads more happiness to the game


The game is less violent as compared to the Kick the Buddy: Forever. Mostly because of the simple graphics, it is suitable for everyone even children and for adults it can be a stress-relieving fun game to play.

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