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Overwatch Aimbots

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Overwatch Hacks – Cheating in online games is very much possible. Gamers around the globe have developed certain hacks and techniques that you can use to bypass the software of the game and make the gameplay easier. The problem is that you can only use certain hacks like aimbots and wallhacks in online games but hacks like unlimited money, coins, power and etc are not possible because the games are hosted by the developer’s servers which are not easy to hack. 

Overwatch Aimbots

Most beginners find it hard to aim at the enemy because they are constantly moving which is why they tend to use the auto aiming softwares called the aimbots. It is one of the most effective software that you can use it Overwatch to get more kills done and win the game. 

Aimbots are available in two types. You can get average aimbots which only aim at the target when you hold down a button whereas there are also advanced level aimbots that take into account the movement of the enemy, the speed of the bullet and the bullet drop to get you more accurate kills and do more damage. 

The problem with using aimbots in Overwatch is that you can actually view your kill once you are dead. The review makes it quite easy for you to point out aimbot software and since you can point it out the enemies would too thus your account will be banned almost immediately so you need to be careful. 

How to Spot and Report an Aimbot / Hack User in Overwatch (Ban Cheaters)

We agree that cheating in online games can be fun sometimes but some people use it too much that they kill the fun out of the game and those annoying kids need to be banned from the game immediately so there are certain signs that you can point to figure out if someone is using aimbots or not. 

  1. They are constantly looking at you or following you
  2. They can see you through the walls
  3. They shoot without even aiming
  4. They are getting perfect kills
  5. They have superman reflexes

ESP or Wallhacks (VAC)

Another most common hack used for shooting games is called wallhacks. Unlike aimbots, it doesn’t help you aim at the enemy but it does something better. Wallhacks help you detect every item and person on the map, their location, their energy, and their distance. You can point out things from a distance and never get killed by a person hiding behind the walls. 

The best thing about wallhacks is that it can’t be detected by the killcams which means that your enemies won’t easily be able to figure it out thus decreases the risk of getting your profile banned by the developers. So pinpoint your enemies and get a shot at them from a distance using wallhacks.

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