Monster Legends MOD And Guide For Improve Rewards


Monster Legends Mod APK -This is not a new game if you are familiar with Dragon city which has been a famous game on Facebook. It is a kind of its next version. The same genre with similar tasks to perform like constructing houses, making monster and fighting.
Every monster has a unique set of abilities that can benefit you have some extra points in performing the tasks.

monster legends mod apk

Summary about Monster Legends MOD APK

Name Monster Legends
Publisher Social Point
Genre 2D, Offline, Simulation
Latest Version 9.2.9
Size 85M
MOD Features Improve Rewards
Platforms Android 4.1
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Monster Legends really developed more than Dragon City?

Monster Legends is a game having the same basic as Dragon City but more developed. The number of monsters is 500 which can further be developed with different elements to get new species. 1 on 1 has been replaced by 3 vs 3 in Monster Legends to have a new experience where you can have a fight more of your own way. There are still some features to be discovered yet.


Monster Legends have simple 2D graphics compared to most games having 3D graphics. Still it does not look bad rather giving a touch of earliest style of monsters with personalized approach.


For identifying the properties of different monsters, users have to play with different monster each time. You have to find what kind of skills of monster can eliminate enemy faster.


1. To enhance your monster capacity, you need to experiment on them with the remnants.

2. Create different strategies to have a fight in your own style to attack the opponent by adventure maps to gain rewards.

3. To win high-class monsters, join the epic war team.

4. You can have new series of monsters as you have 500 monsters. By them you can breed new species.

5. Dungeon, Library, Monsters have a whole new level once discovered when going on next stage.

6. To have more exciting activities, event based additions are there like Halloween and christmas.

What’s Monster Lengends MOD can help you?

It is difficult to play in adventure map. This will require you play constantly to be better to achieve 3 stars. By winning 3 stars you will get rewards to turn the lucky spin.


You will learn the professional tactics by the leaders in community building, from the huge amount of players by teaming.

You will make allies to win the battle with new skills learned and make the largest group to fight.


This game have so many different experience once it has been explored by the players. This game lets you want to play more and more. So many variety of monster awaits you.

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