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Summary of Monster Hunter Stories

If you are a Nintendo player then you must have tried out the Monster Hunter Stories. Well, the good news is that now this game is also available for your smartphones. One thing that I like about this game is that it is not like other Monster Hunter games but is an offline game which means that you can enjoy it anytime.


The game is all about monsters. You will start by stealing a monster egg and the nourishing the egg fight in combat with you. In the game, you are a monster rider who fights other monsters who are infected with a dangerous virus that makes them destroy your village.

You will have to travel around the globe with your monsters, explore different worlds and fight monsters on your journey. Along with this, you will also have to perform another task throughout your journey so download Monster Hunter Stories apk to enjoy the full experience.


The gameplay of the game is quite interesting as you will be doing a lot of stuff with monsters. You can nourish them, train them, make friends with them and even fight them if you have to. So you and your monster will attack the enemy and as you win the fight, you will receive points that will help you level up.

You will have four different weapons that you can use to fight and along with the best part is that you can also change your rider which is a new feature of the game. So enjoy the fun experiences fighting monsters and saving the world from the evil forces.

Monster Hunter Stories Trailer

How to Install Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK?

  1. Download “Monster Hunter Stories”
  2. Extract into your PC or Mobile device using File Manager.
  3. Place Data file at “/sdcard/Android/data
  4. Start Game and Enjoy.

Download Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK on Android

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