Simple Guide to Make a Shirt on Roblox in 2020 (Step By Step)

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Make a Shirt on Roblox – Almost everyone is a fan of the games. You either play it for fun or just to pass some time. But there are those individuals as well, who are gamers on a full-time basis. You can say that they are hooked to games and we mostly call them game nerds because they know everything about them.

Guide to Make a Shirt on Roblox

Well, there are a number of great games that you can play but the most popular one at the moment is Roblox. You might have heard about it if you play games often or someone is your family does because when it comes to Roblox everyone shouts about not having enough Robux to play with. But there are so many other things in Roblox that you can do, that most players don’t even know about.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is the largest user-generated gaming platform operating at the moment. It is a platform and a game itself. You can either play games on Roblox or you can create your own unique games to play which will be available to other users as well. The best thing about Roblox is that you get to enjoy 15 million games on the same gaming platform.

It is multiplayer games so you can play it with as many users as you want. You will never get bored of it because there are varieties of games available for you to play and explore and get creative by designing your own game.

When it comes to designing your own game, there is so much that you need to consider from the features to the visual effects that you are going to be using in the game. Quite amazing it is to get to create a game this easily.

One of the things that players tend to love doing is getting their own shirt designed but it is not as simple as it looks so today we are going to look at ways using which you can design your own Roblox shirts.

Steps to Make a Shirt in Roblox

There are different ways using which you can design your own shirt in Roblox. You can go through those methods below to get your hands on a self-created amazingly designed shirt.

Method #1 Become a Builder’s Club Member

In order to create a shirt, the first thing that you will need is a design template for the shirt and that would be only possible if you have a builder’s club membership. You need to get yourself a builder’s club membership before you start designing your own shirt. So let us look at how you can do that.

  • Go to
  • Click on the membership option and choose your membership plan. You can either choose monthly or annually. It depends on you.
  • Choose a payment method; enter your details to make the payment.
  • Once the payment is processed you will have your membership.
  • Once you have the membership, you can easily upload your own template for the shirt on the server. There
  • are also some basic designs that you can go with if you want to but if you have your one then you can use that as well. There is a standard design that you will have to follow so keep that in mind as well.

A normal Roblox shirt template with Torso, Right arm, and Left Arm

The standard design of the shirt comes with a Torso, Right arm, and Left Arm. You can choose anyone for your own personal shirt. Once you have the design you can save it to your PC. If you are downloading the basic design from the web then you can easily edit it in your PC as well by using photoshop or other editing software.

Design your perfect Roblox shirt. You can use different editors to do the job perfectly as well. But that depends entirely on your as well, meaning how much effort you want to put into designing your own shirt. But if you are paying the builder’s membership then you must be pretty seriously already so go ahead and be creative.

Remember that if you come up with a creative shirt design then there are chances of it getting sold quite quickly as well and you can get many orders as well which will get you Robux as well which is what we all need in Roblox.

Upload The Design

Once you have the design and you have designed in accordingly and you believe that it is the final piece then it is time for you to upload the design on the Roblox profile which is quite simple. If you play Roblox then you must already know how to upload stuff from the PC to the server so simply upload your design to get the designer fame that you get.


Clothes are one of the items that get sold a lot in Roblox. You can easily sell a number of items within a short period of time which will get you extra Robux and points and even accessories that you can use to make the fun much more existing. So remember to come up with creative and unique designs that will be appealing to the customers so that you get more customers and make huge sales with the design.

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