Life is a Game MOD And Guide For Unlimited Money

Life Is A Game Mod APK – In so many levels, games mimic human life in which one has to fulfill all the tasks, meet someone meaningful. MOD, a game is similar to a human’s personal life in which the player can make his decisions to see what he will end up to be.

life is a game mod apk

Summary about Life is a Game MOD APK

Name Life is a Game
Genre 2D, Offline, Simulation
Latest Version 2.3.5
Size 49M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Platforms Android 4.1
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Exciting simulation game:

Choosing a character is the main thing. After that, you will be making all of his or her decisions until they die. From being born to adulthood to death, everything will be taken care of by being you. Of course, as a baby, he can’t move on his own. All you need to do until that point is to feed the baby by collecting the bottles (milk bottle) to grow the baby into an adult boy.

Find your passion:

Being young brings much responsibility to decide what you will be in the future. Your actions will decide all for you. For instance, you draw all the time could lead you to be an artist or if you collect a ball often can make you a football player. Being in that age can affect your life in so many ways that you can’t imagine. You will be making so many memories.

The game is all about how good you are at managing stuff. Be it the money, work, and girlfriends, etc. The owners who will be better at management will have a better life. This will decide if you are a rich or poor, lazy or hardworking, loving or boring partner.

In school time, every activity has be managed according to time because that will be a way for to choose your career. For example. If you want to be a football players you will be interested in ball collection.

When bored to do some other activity, just drop it to use a computer or read a book, it’s up to you. Symbols should be collected in the time. Mood and health should be considered impotent for you.

When you get old:

The age limit has been eliminated for the game. The happiness can increase your life. Even being old, you can have a big apartment with a lot of money. At the end of the character’s life you can chose others to play from the start.

Looking for a girlfriend:

Adulthood gives you an option to choose your girlfriend you meet at work or the gym. Later can be married and have kids. But you need to keep your wife and children happy otherwise she will leave you


Similar to reality but it is a simple 2D game with interesting and bright images and good sound.

Sum up:

The game helps you understand the value of life and time. Managing your time to set your life on track can be realized.

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