League of Angels MOD And Guide For Android/iOS


League Of Angels Mod APK – This is a role-playing game in 3D graphics. This is a simple game with a familiar combat mechanism with warriors and fairytale characters.

league of angels mod apk

Summary about League of Angels APK

Name League of Angels
Publisher GTarcade
Genre Online, RPG
Latest Version
Size 86M
MOD Features No
Platforms Android 4.0
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A fairy world that is being threatened by dark forces is the main plot. This is happening according to the prophecy mentioned in the ancient book. All the species are in danger. One way to save the world is finding an ancient relic omega.

Being a warrior you will help angels find this mysterious relic. But this relic has been gone in wrong hands now it’s up to you to restore the peace by finding the relic and finish the dark forces in time.

You will like:

It is a usual role-playing game that has a lot of action incorporated. You start the game by making a lineup of characters with looks. The exciting thing is you can wander this land freely to explore.

The game will take you to attack your enemies to have an encounter. The fighting mechanism is familiar with which you will attack the enemy. If you finish them all first you win and vice versa. Try to arrange your team that scientific people start to attack first it will help you in winning.

There are various modes for you to play in. one dismantles the dungeon where you will be facing the boss with exceptional power. Calculate the power difference and wisely attack to win the battle. Maze mode will let you explore treasures. In PvP battles, you can fight with your friends.

Characters are plentiful:

There is a huge character range from powerful warriors to beauty queens. There will be mysterious ones to which you have to explore like their qualities and skills so you better have tactical thinking in order to choose wisely.

Every character has negative aspects as well like maybe one character’s afraid of some other character’s features so you have to make your team strategically observing the opponent.

The system is diverse as you have to collect stones to upgrade the features of the game. Your tactics, character’s power can be enhanced that will affect your, entire group.


There are 3D graphics with not so extraordinary quality as currently in other games. The epic style has been used with monumental effects.

Maybe you don’t like:

Manipulating characters like other role-playing games cannot happen here. You only have to make the moves and skills this game allows and rest will be taken care of by the system. This is a negative point but other modes will cover this drawback.

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