Kamen Rider City Wars MOD And Guide For Android


Kamen Rider City Wars APK – Bandai has released a superhero series name Kamen Rider. Having a typical context of an ordinary young man becoming into the Kamen rider who fights against the monsters and restore peace. Began in 1971 but still is popular not among Japanese but all over the world. Vietnamese people have their association with their childhood.

kamen rider city wars apk

Summary about Kamen Rider City Wars APK

Name Kamen Rider City Wars
Publisher Bandai Namco
Genre 3D, Action
Latest Version 3.2.0
Size 64M
MOD Features No
Platforms Android 4.4
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Just like Digimon, Kamen rider too has a special place in every child’s heart. These products of Bandai have been successful and got appreciated all over the globe. For mobile, Kamen rider city wars which have been attached to their episodes. Some of the main features have been discussed in this article to highlight why this game is being loved all over.

Main content:

In this game, you will be reawoken from sleep and become the legend Kamen rider who will be fighting enemies to get materials to construct your own town. When the city grows, the power of your character increases as well. The game will introduce all the characters from previous versions all the titles have been reused like Kamen rider 1, Kamen Rider 2, Kamen rider stronger, Kamen rider Kabuto, Kamen rider den-o, etc.

In the beginning, you will not have all the titles and you can earn them in different missions, fight to unravel these cards. Every card to be unlocked will possess ratings from 1 to 5, higher the number more powerful character will be unlocked.

The main plot is of fighting the enemies but the interesting thing is you will have only four skills to fight and protect yourself. Your task will not only develop the city but increase your power and finding out different combos of skills to get stronger.

Real graphics:

The game has been designed in detail with keeping in a lot thought about actual Kamen rider character. 3D graphics have given the game a very beautiful look with details of everything. You would not get disappointed by them.

To a fan, it will bring familiarity through the characters previously introduced like Kamen rider Ryuki with his dragon or the train with space and time. Not only the characters have been designed in detail but all the kinds of skills and weapons to be used are all amazingly build.


The game can be played by both android and IOS users. This will be a great game for those who love the Bandai series as this is very much fun and amazing game.

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