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Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

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Hungry Shark Evolution (MOD Unlimited Money) is a simulation game of deep ocean. The player will have to play the role of shark who is going to eat everything.

Summary about Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

This game is available for iOS and android both. It is admired by many users in the market. It has received a rating of 4.5/5 and downloaded 100 million times from Google play store after 7 years of its release.


It is an endless game. In other words, you can continuously play this game until or unless you make a mistake. It is not a subway surf where you are only running from guard and dog. In this game, you have the opportunity to eat and hunt.

The policies of this game are similar to another game feeding frenzy. Many people have childhood memories with this game. You just need to know how to control the shark using the virtual button to make it search for prey. If you touch another time on screen, it will make the shark move quickly and eat fishes. When you gather a certain amount of gold, you will be able to activate the gold rush. When you are in gold rush mode there will be no speed limit, you will become immortal and converting everything to coin. 

When you are a child shark you will have to hide yourself from big fishes. When you eat other small fishes, you can increase your life and strength. The maximum level of this game is 10. When you have gathered enough points then look at the ocean who is the king. Can you defeat??

A lot of fish species

Different type of animals is present in this animal world with respect to size, way of hunting and appearances. Various sharks are present in the game. These animals are created using both the real-life appearances of animals and imaginations.

At the start of the game, you will come to know some basic sharks. The first you will see is the reef shark that is of standard size. This shark will become greater and converted into a tiger shark, Mako shark, great white shark, and Hammerhead shark. The bigger the shark grows, the more superior it will become. Along with unlocking the sharks, the player is able to upgrade the skills such as acceleration, bite and speed.

After getting 500000 points you can unlock another sea that contains scary sharks. Different fishes with different skills are present like electro shark that releases electricity to kill the prey etc.

Many enemies of sharks

A king is the one who understands himself and his enemy as well. In the game, you need to take care of the blue bar located on the right side of the screen. This bar is basically an HP bar. It will decrease with time. When you eat other fishes, it will be charged again. You must keep your eye on the sting of jellyfish and torpedoes present in the sea. 

Message from clamshells

During the game, you should try to collect the clamshells that are present at the cliffs. These cliffs contain side quests. You can participate in these quests to get more features and enjoy this game fully.


Hungry shark evolution contains amazing 3D graphics that help the user explore life undersea. 



How To Earn Unlimited Resources in Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

  • Go to the Form Above
  • Enter your Real Game Username
  • Select the Device/OS Platform
  • Check Infinite Resources Buttons
  • Click on the Final Step Button
  • Due to So Many Resources Requests on a daily basis, we try to avoid bots as much as possible.
  • So you need to verify your identity for participation.
  • Once done, Enjoy Unlimited Resources.
  • Good Luck 🙂
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