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How To Get Blue Essence – One of the least essential resources in League of Legends is Blue essence. Blue essence is an alternate to Riot Points which are mostly used in devising in-game purchases, It can be acquired by just playing the game. It has different methods some of them are more efficient and quicker and to access them, you just need to unlock more content. For unlock, you just need Blue Essence and to get it the only best way is to have knowledge of League of Legends.

how to get blue essence

How to Get Blue Essence Fast – The Rundown

Answer to get the blue essence quickly, we have summation on how blue essence works with efficiency.

  • Picking up summoner experience to step up will give you champion cases which contain shards that you can embitter for blue essence.
  • If you don’t have any boosts active and you want to up your game level faster you can play PvP game. It does not matter you win or lose a game, just playing can step up your level.
  • The faster way to win PvP game with both duration and win boosts will charge you Riot Points
  • Winning Coop vs AI games in Twisted Treeline opposed to Intermediate-level bots will give you preferred practice every moment over losing a PvP game in the event that you have duration and win supports active.

That sums up the most reliable way to farm for blue essence, but why is that the case? Read on to learn more about how grinding for the currency works in League of Legends.

Where to Get Blue Essence

you can acquire blue essence in three different way and by using these methods you can open up various kinds of content in the game: These are mission rewards, champion shards, and level-up rewards. Below is the detailed description of this three method

How to get Blue Essence fast in League of Legends

Champion Shards

Champion shards can get in three ways honor capsules or champion and hextech boxes. blue essence of Disillusioning champion shards will provide you twenty percent of that specific champion’s blue essence which cost. That implies that you can avail 960 blue essences from the champion shard of somebody that regularly cost 4800.

You will get the majority of your blue essence from dis enthralling champion shards.

Level Milestone Rewards

As much as players play games they receive level up and rewards such as champion capsules and blue essence. There is some limitation on the blue essence reward that is accessible up-to only 28th level but champion capsules are available each moment when you get level high.

Mission Rewards

As the name suggests mission rewards are the offers that will receive by completing some missions if you will accomplish the mission. All the same, these accomplishments are bounded with time events that you have to complete on a given time.“First Win of the Day” is the mission that will only provide you blue essence inconsistently, which will approximately reward you 400 summoners experience and 50 blue essences.

Important this is, on Complemental of “First Win of the Day” will provide you the awards no matter you accomplished it in a PvE or PvP game.

Winning at first try will provide you a warranted fifty blue essence with few summoner experiences.

Now by comparing all of this three-level to get blue essence, you can rely on only first that is also until 30 levels after passing the summoner level. The second one will stop rewarding after reaching 28 levels and the third one the mission completeness will reward blue essence which mostly is not available. Therefore, you would be capable of getting champion shards as you can and to acquire more champion capsule this is the only best way to level up.

Grinding for Champ Capsules

To avail champion capsule the most important thing that is required is an experience to make level high and how summoner experience works. All games having a match between opponents will supply a number of experiences based on time duration. Below are some points which help you to choose different game modes for getting experience.

AI versus Summoner’s Rift – Coop

    • If you win, you can get 25 experience on 60 seconds played.
    • Losing will provide lesser only 16 experience per minute.
    • Important thing is that the number of experience gained is irrespective of AI difficulty

Summoner’s Rift – PvP (all matchmaking queues)

    • If you win, you will get 44 experience playing per minute.
    • If you lose you will get 29 experience played per minute

Twisted Treeline – Coop vs AI

Experiences in this match depending on the level on which you played

    • At beginner-level AI winning will rewards 25 experience in one minute. Similarly on the same level Losing will give you 16 experience played per minute.
    • Winning at Intermediate-level AI will reward you 28 experience per minute playing. While Losing will provide you 19 experience played on 60 seconds

Twisted Treeline – PvP (all matchmaking queues)

    • Winning will give nearly 44 experience while Losing will provide you 29 experiences in a minute.

Howling Abyss – Player vs Player only

    • If you win, you will get 44 experience playing per minute.
    • If you lose you will get 29 experience played per minute

Experience can additionally be expanded by utilizing time duration or win help. You can likewise consolidate the two kinds of lifts for much more experience for each game you win. This implies that with boots active the quickest method to step up is to continue winning the PvP games.

Which Method Works Best for You?

Since we realize how to get a consistent inventory of champion shards for blue essence to check what strategy will work best for you we have three alternatives to get blue essence., any of which can be League of Legends’ most ideal approach.

Stick to PvP Matches

Looking above at the values of getting experience .it can be clearly seen that playing PvP games will provide more experience. However, in summoner’s rift losing a PvP game will supply more experience than winning a coop versus AI. This means clearly that PvP games will boost your level up and provide more practices no matter either you win or loss.

Playing Coop vs AI Matches

Playing Coop vs AI games will produce less amount of experiences per match as compared to PvP games. But Coop vs AI is best in own ways as it takes less time to level up and playing middle-level bots required less duration than brawling a human squad. It shows this approach is also value considering time rather than sticking to PvP games.

Boosted Twisted Treeline

In this approach with both a win boost active and a duration, someone can easily work for experience by winning more games over time like seven to fifteen minutes.


In the end to better working and making more experience and to level up your levels we hope this guide will help you.

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