How to Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phone or Tablet

How to Find Deleted Apps

How to Find Deleted Apps – Some people accidentally delete some apps or all apps from their Android devices and want to get them back. People search for them at the Google play store. Here, we are sharing the easy way to get or recover your deleted apps from the android device.

Possible Reasons For Deleted Apps

Different people delete apps for different reasons. There are many possible reasons available that people delete their apps and want them back at their devices.

  • Some people delete apps unintentionally. Well, it is not a very common reason but if you have gone through it then you must know about it very well.
  • By restoring the android device to its factory default setting will delete some unnecessary apps and data from the phone.
  • Some people use a tool to remove the virus from the phone. These virus removing tools also delete apps from the android device.

Whatever, the reason is, the main thing is we are telling you a way through which you can recover these apps.

Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phone or Tablet

Just follow these steps to get your deleted apps back at your android device or tablet.

1- Visit the Google Play Store

First of all, go to the home page of the Google Play store.

2- Tap on the 3 Line Icon

At the top three lines, the icon is present, tap on it.

3- Tap on My Apps & Games

Choose My Apps and games from the menu.

4- Tap on Library Tab

Three tabs will open named as updates, installed and library. Choose the library tab. Here, you will see all the deleted apps that are not available at your device anymore.

5- Reinstall Deleted Apps

Form the listed of deleted apps you can choose the apps that you want to install.

Tip: the apps are arranged according to their order of download. Recently deleted apps are present at the top and older apps are present at the bottom.

Hope this information will work for you and recover your apps that you want.

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