25 Impossible Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather know when you’re going to die, or when the person you love the most is going to die?

Hard Would You Rather Question – Choosing the first makes you change your lifestyle while second makes you behave differently with the person.

2. Would you rather go to pizza date with your preferred celebrity annually, or have free pizza weekly for a lifetime?

3. Would you quite be the person that tosses the switch during execution or have a “happy birthday song” trapped in your head for life?

What would be worst for you?

hard would you rather questions

4. Would you rather give up all social media platforms for a year, or have your whole search history, including incognito mode uncovered?

Exposing history might cause harm to the person while taking time off from social media may be productive.

5. Would you quite stench like poop, or smell poop all the time, anywhere you go?

Smelling poop is better so you don’t lose friends and family.

6. Would you rather have to say anything you have on your brain or never talk again for the rest of your life?

Is losing your talking eternally really worth it?

7. Would you rather suffer itchy or sticky for a lifetime?

What would irritate you mainly?

8. Would you rather eat a bowl of throw up or drink a bottle of urine?

What is smaller of two troubles for you?

9. Would you rather have a booger hang from your nose or a cold tender on your mouth for a lifetime?

What is the worst?

10. Would you quite have your burp continually smell like eggs, or have a rainbow-colored cloud appear when you fart?

Do you worry more about what others feel or what you smell for a lifetime?

11. Would you rather continually sneeze, or have the hiccups?

What would irritate you?

12. Would you rather live average 300-year life, or 10, impressive 30-year lives?

If given the opportunity, what would you decide?

13. Would you rather be talented to fly at walking speed, or run at 100-miles per hour?

It might be so cool to be able to fly but why would it be cool using no cars or busses.

14. Would you rather sweat grease always or vomit snails once a month?

Which one do you imagine would concern you more?

15. Would you quite be a dragon or have a dragon?

What life would you prefer to live in?

16. Would you rather always have cash, or live in an imaginary world of your choosing?

What do you prefer?

17. Would you rather be able to converse to animals or be able to read people’s minds?

18. Would you rather only be able to converse by shouting or whispering?

What fits you here?

19. Would you relatively find the love of your life, or win $100 million dollars?

What’s more significant to you?

20. Would you quite alter your name to Adolf Hitler, or never eat ice cream again?

21. Would you quite have no internet or no friends for the rest of your life?

In this day and age, I think this subject would be as hard as they get.

22. Would you rather always be lied to in relationships, or forever lie to your partners?

23. Would you rather murder yourself to save all people on the planet, or kill them all to save yourself?

Which scenario is bad?

24. Would you rather end watching your preferred TV show, and never find out what happens to your favorite characters, or eat only mayo for a week?

Could you be capable to consume only mayo for a whole week?

25. Would you rather know how precisely you’re going to die, or accurately when it will happen?

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