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Many people love to use snapchat it keeps us updated about everyone in our circle. We enjoy taking different snaps which keeps us entertained and excited. Those who are very social want to save these snaps and stories in order to keep the memories of everything. Although it is possible to save snaps and stories without the knowledge of other person many users have no idea how to do it. Here we are talking about “how to save Snapchats without them knowing”. The easiest way to do that which we all know is “Screenshot”. However, there are many other methods which you can use to save snaps on snapchat.

Here you will get all the necessary information which is needed to save snaps on snapshots without the knowledge of other people.

1: How To Save Snapchats With Mac QuickTime For iPhone?

It is easy for iPhone users to save snaps and stories. If you have Mac in your iPhone then you can save any number of snaps and stories. Mac has QuickTime player which enables movie recording. We have provided a complete guide to use Mac without the knowledge of another person.

2: How To Save Snapchat With iOS Screen Recorder For iPhone?

As we all know snapchat do not let us save the snaps and stories of the friends and families. It is not an easy and simple task to save these snaps and stories. However, with the use of iOS screen recorder, you can easily save these snaps within minutes. So here we have provided a step by step guide to using this iOS screen recorder.

3: How To Save Snapchats With MirrorGo Android Recorder For Android?

Android user can also save snaps and stories without much effort by using MirrorGo Android recorder. It is an amazing tool for android you can record anything displaying on your mobile phone and at the same time, you can make it visible on the pc to which it is connected. Moreover, this application will allow you to control your device with a mouse.

4: How To Save Snapchats With Another Phone/Camera (Both iPhone and Android)?

If you do not want to follow above-mentioned methods then here we are providing another method to save snaps and stories on the snapchat. Do you have an approach to camera phone other than your own mobile phone you can still save snaps?

If you only want to save snaps of someone else then simply you can take a screenshot with their knowledge. However, if you want to save the story of any other person then you must follow the complete guide we have provided here.

All these methods are reliable but you should choose a method according to resources available. We suggest you use dr.fone toolkit for both Android and iPhone because it is more secure and trustworthy.

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