How to Get Free Grammarly Premium in 2020

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People do many grammar mistakes every day. Grammarly helps people to correct those errors. This is the main reason that people want to get free Grammarly premium 2020. Grammarly offers both versions, such as free and premium. However, the free version cannot be able to fulfill users need. People want to write in English because they want to convey their purpose to more readers. Such as many bloggers in the World are non- native English speakers.

Free Grammarly Premium 2020

This tool is also helpful for students while writing a school task. This is a user-friendly tool. You can use this tool from your browser extension or window software. It is easy for the student to get a premium account who can afford this but all students cannot afford this. Therefore, they look for a free premium account of Grammarly.

Learn How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2020

Before moving further, you should know more about Grammarly premium account. If you are a person whose daily task is writing then this is the best thing for you. Grammarly has a large number of users from all over the world. Previously, this tool is available only for a browser extension. But now it is available for browser extension safari, chrome, Mozilla, edge and even for IOS and Android. Users can use this app in both operating system mobiles. This application has millions of users and gets millions of downloads. It provides you a free version that provides you only basic features but the premium version offers many features. You can get the premium version for free by following some simple methods.

You can get free Grammarly premium version by referring this tool to your friends. If you prefer this tool to your one friend then you can enjoy this tool free for one week. By using this method, you can use this tool for a longer time. You can invite friends by following steps that are mentioned below.

  • Go to the Grammarly page and create an account.
  • You can get Grammarly through a browser extension.
  • After adding the extension to the browser, you can log in to your account.
  • Then search for the invite and earn option.
  • Now you can share a referral link with your friends. Now an extra week free access will be given to you by Grammarly.

Bloggers can get free access

Bloggers can get free Grammarly premium if their blogs have a good rank. Additionally, they have readers in large numbers.

  • Click on Grammarly premium option on their page.
  • You have to use Grammarly for several days and then you have to write an official email to Grammarly team. Additionally, you have to mention that you will give a sponsored post related to Grammarly.
  • If you get approval from the team then you will receive a username and password from Grammarly team. You can use your free Grammarly premium by this username and password.
  • Now it’s your turn to write the blog about Grammarly and post it on your blog.
  • You will send your article to the Grammarly team in order to get free Grammarly premium.

Edit this cookie’ extension

After adding the extension to the browser this is another method you can use to get free Grammarly premium. This is a very simple way to get access to free Grammarly premium.

You have to add an extension on your browser for example if you are using chrome then add an extension on it and then go to the chrome web store and search for “edit this cookie”. After finding this extension add it on the browser.

  • Then go to the and then search for Grammarly.
  • Now click on the “show cookie” option and then copy the characters.
  • Now go back to your browser and you will see “edit this cookie” extension there. Now remove the cookies by choosing the recycle bin icon.
  • Paste the characters you got by clicking on show cookies. Then click on the import button.
  • Click on green check sign.
  • Now you can use free premium Grammarly.

Join giveaway

There are multiple websites on the internet which provides you with free Grammarly premium 2020. They give some rules to follow if you want to get free accounts. Each site offers different rules. You should find websites that provide this kind of giveaways.

Buy shared accounts

This website is not providing free accounts but this website offers accounts cheaper than the original. This website sells shared accounts. 3 to 4 users usually used the same account. you also can Get Free Fortnite Account With Skins 2020.

The premium version provides many features therefore, users want to get free Grammarly premiums. These features are mentioned below.

Checking grammar and spelling

This feature is used by both version users. It is the very basic feature of Grammarly. A free version of Grammarly only providing this feature to the users.

Advanced checks

This feature uses to check the structure of the sentence, context, grammar and punctuation. This feature displays the right things on the screen for you. You can correct your mistakes easily by this feature.

Vocabulary suggestions

This feature helps you to improve the vocabulary of your blogs or anything you write. Grammarly has a huge bank of vocabulary. By using this feature, you can stop using the same words again and again.

Checking writing style

This feature can place your blog or write to a specific genre. You will get the right arrangement of the proper genre.

Plagiarism detector

You can check the similarity of your article by using this feature. You have to write the articles on your own. This feature calculates the percentage of plagiarism in your article.

Many people want to get a free Grammarly premium version. You can get free Grammarly premium version by using these methods. It depends upon your choice of what method you want to use.

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