Free iTunes Gift Cards – 7 Tricks For A Free Subscription

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Free iTunes Codes Generator – Are you searching on the internet to get things such as free iTunes Gift cards? We are sure that your search will complete here. No need to spend your hours on the internet anymore.

At this platform, you will get what you required. We will provide authentic data and content. We will share how you can get free iTunes gift cards legally.

Free iTunes Gift Card Generator Tool

Tap on the generate now button to get iTunes gift card free. Copy this code somewhere. Generator sometimes takes a few seconds to provide a code as some algorithm is processing at the backend. So, you must keep patience.

NOTE: –  If one code is not working properly then go back and generate another code for yourself. This code arises sometimes because we contain only a limited number of codes.

How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

There is a huge secret behind companies and technology. The database of iTunes contains a large range of free iTunes gift card with codes.

Extracted codes are free to use. These codes are extracted from the cards. These codes are considered as authentic by the iTunes itself.

It is the job of the generator to provide a code to you so that you can use it without any issue.

Almost everyone wants free iTunes gift cards. You can either use these codes or send them to your friends or family member as a gift.

You can get your favorite music by using these iTunes gift cards. Watch the latest movies and songs that you always wished for.

How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

No one of us wants to spend a large amount of money on upgrading the iPhone X or 8 plus and still not getting access to all apps. We all love free stuff but free apps lack some features. In order to enjoy all apps, you must contain a premium version.

Everyone cannot afford the paid version. Thank God we have free iTunes gift card to get premium music, movie, books and much more. However, as everyone is searching on the internet to get free iTunes gift card so many fake websites claim to provide a free card. We must be aware of all fraud websites and scams.

If you love to hear new music and much interested in getting new apps then you must be tired of searching for free iTunes gift cards.

So, let’s have a look at the authentic and working methods to get free iTunes gift cards.

1- Signing up an Online Rewards Program

The most common way of getting gift cards is through online reward programs. You just need to complete some task that the website provides you.

We will talk about these tasks but first, we should focus on some famous rewards points websites which you should follow

  • My Points
  • InboxDollars
  • My Coke Rewards

We want to clear one thing that is very important. You will never get anything completely free until or unless it is scam or fake. The methods we are describing here are authentic as you are not paying to get free iTunes gift card.

You just need to accomplish some surveys, watch some interesting videos, downloading and using some apps and games, etc. You will get a reward in return for every task you complete. You can gather points to get your free iTunes gift cards.

What is the Payout on Reward Points Websites?

The common rewards are usually 1000 to 2000 reward points that you can redeem for 10 to 20$. If you spare some time to get rewards then you will get a handsome amount of points.

One reason we don’t really suggest using the websites because they are a scam. They send a lot of emails and messages. This is because their business is running on these things. However, the solution is to create another email to use on these websites. Most of these websites promote third party companies and brands like their services, products, apps, etc. To get point user will have to complete a few tasks.

It is just a matter of a few days and you will get free iTunes gift card by using these websites.

By doing shopping you can also get some additional bonus points. By using the affiliate link you can increase the number of points in your account very quickly. You will have to fulfill a survey form or to give your opinion about various products. They also contain some entertaining tasks like playing games, searching on the internet, etc.

Another way of getting free iTunes gift cards is by giving your ideas. So, go and get yourself registered to get reward points.

2- Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular platform to get free reward points. This platform provides a large variety of tasks to users. Moreover, by completing these tasks users can get amazing rewards including iTunes gift card.

The easy way to earn points at the Swagbucks is through doing a web search. Users will get much variety at this website. You can complete easy survey forms or give your feedback. You can also participate in quizzes, watch videos and such other. For every task, you will get rewarded.

The quickest way to get iTunes gift cards is by registering on audible subscription for $1.

When you register on Swagbucks you will get 800 points. You can get $5and $3 free iTunes gift card with it. So we think it is a great deal to use your $1 to get $7. However, you can use these offers if you have good budget.

3- Trying InboxPounds

Have you tried InboxDollars? If yes, then InboxPounds is almost the same. This platform is widely used in the UK and Europe. It provides various tasks to users like all other GPT websites.

You can use the link to join this website. You will get $5 for just signing up.

After successful registration you can start completing tasks like survey completion, playing games, etc. after gathering enough points in your account you can get free iTunes gift card and the cash amount.

4- Using Gather for free iTunes Gift Cards

This website provides reward points to the user by writing an article or blog. You can write a blog of your choice and interest. It is a flexible platform.

Post some videos and pictures. You can also comment on other articles and much more.

It depends on authors which topic they choose. Anyone can join various groups for queries. You can communicate with other members having the same interests. Write your article, the more views your article will get the more you will get rewarded. It is a good advantage if you have some good grammar skills. If you want some quick results then you will have to put some effort and time.

We highly suggest you do some freelance job using any other platform to get real and free iTunes money. You will get reward more than your expectations and you can easily purchase an iTunes gift card. You must gather enough points in your account to redeem them. You can also get free Google to play promo codes along with free iTunes gift card codes.

5- Stay Away From Scams

Some people even jailbreak their devices to use some apps. Initially, they may get some benefits but ultimately at the end, they will get nothing but harm.

We will talk about fake websites, scam and other but first, we are talking about legit ways to get free iTunes gift card. So, keep following our guide.

There are reward programs available that you can use to get free iTunes gift cards in an easy way. Most of these are available at the websites where you need to actively take part in them to get your reward. It is very close to something that we call free. As we have already mentioned you must use separate email id for these websites as they sent a lot of spam and email to users. So, if you want to get free iTunes gift card codes without getting blocked then create another email for yourself.

If any website asks to provide your credit card information or any other personal information you should never trust such websites.

6- Social Media Freebies (No Survey or Human Verification Required)

This method is more experimental. You will have to keep an eye on all gift card websites. You can follow reward sites on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

These companies often provide some offers to users that frequently like their posts or simply their members. You can get various prizes like iTunes gift card, PSN codes, etc. You should start following deal hunters. This group is always searching for available deals. They provide these deals in their community groups. These deals sometimes include gift cards.

You can search for keywords like deal hunters, bargains, gift cards, and others.

7- Bing Rewards

Bing rewards its users with points just by doing a search. So, if you have never used a search engine before then use it now to get rewards. It is a very easy and good deal.

If you use a search engine daily like 50 to 60 times daily then this is a perfect option for you to earn reward points.

Final Words

These all are authentic methods to get free iTunes gift card codes. We would love to hear from our users that they have earned free iTunes gift card codes.

You can use these iTunes gift card codes to get a premium version of apps, music, books, movies and much more.

Be aware of fake and scam websites. They will provide you nothing.

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