Get Best Minecraft Resource Packs For 2019

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A Minecraft resource pack is a pack that can be downloaded and it includes latest textures for the game, latest models, audios, a new splash screen, and a changed font.

These packs are mostly used to modify the façade of the game. Some packs give Minecraft a more realistic look by using different textures while others provide themes to the game.

Conquest 32×32 Resource Pack

Conquest is an old themed pack which has high-resolution quality as compared to vanilla graphics.

This old theme is suitable for all Minecraft versions since all the items and elements will adjust in it.

This resource includes the material for construction purpose. This resource pack is best if one wants to build old-style villages or castle.

Modern HD Pack 64×64

This resource pack is utilized in case if you want to make contemporary style buildings. the textures in this pack are in HD quality as compared to Vanilla textures.

Any block can be used for making beautiful building and also paintings are also provided for further decoration.

Sphax PureBDCraft x128

In this resource pack, a cartooning effect is introduced. More bright colors and amazing design are its attributes, which make this package an interesting one. The Sphax PureBDCraft is updated constantly.

oCd Texture Pack

oCd Texture Pack resource pack is innovated by the pixel art which can be found in modern 2D games. The visuals are “pixelated” and that every block detail is vivid and the textures don’t include sharp edges like in the case of vanilla textures.

Default 3D

This package provides many more characters. The ladder steps are visible in detail. Brick has defined the shape and cobblestone rough surface is visible as can be seen in reality.

This utilizes the main vanilla Minecraft textures so it improves the graphics without too many modifications.

Ovo’s Rustic

It includes fantasy-style graphics. These textures are more detailed than basic vanilla textures. It gives graphics a more refined view.

LIIE’s Resource Pack

It is the most amazing pack for Minecraft. This pack provides different colors and art style. Also, shadows like cartoons and color combinations are much improved as compared to basic Minecraft graphics.


Jolicraft turns Minecraft into a survival game filled with mystery and new life. Jolicraft throws the vanilla Minecraft textures away and replaces them with textures jam-packed with detail.

Jolicraft draws inspiration from fantasy games and other medieval-themed resource packs. If you liked Ovo’s Rustic but want something with even more detail, try this one.

SCC Photo Realistic Universe Resource Pack

Different Minecraft resource packs have a different resolution like 16 x 16, 32 x 32. This texture resource pack is much better than any other packs. Ever object and item in Minecraft look more refined and detailed with this package. Even lighting effects have also been introduced in this package that gives water and sky a more realistic look.

But to utilize this package one has to have a good PC system so that it works its best.

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