Best 8 Isometric RPG Games Like Pillars of Eternity 2: Dead fire

1. Pillars of Eternity

Games Like Pillars of Eternity – The game features tremendously deep character creation system, a real-time battle that can be paused (and will be paused non-stop if you play on any of the higher difficulty settings) at any time, hardcore game mechanics like the necessitate to set up a camp after every dangerous combat encounter, countless NPS character to meet, and a diverse band of characters that can join your gathering. If you’re looking an alike experience to Pillars of Eternity and you by no means played the original, there’s really no other choice. Just get it and begin exploring the world of Eora.

games like pillars of eternity

2. Divinity: Original Sin I and II

These two games are even more hardcore than PoE. The battle is even tougher (especially in the sequel), quests are complex and almost all of them cannot be found so easily on the map. If Divinity: Original Sin games you have to be practical, you have to explore the world in spite of the fact that you and your party can be killed by an influential enemy that hides around the corner.

3. Tyranny

In Tyranny, you will have innumerable decisions to make and each of them will gradually shape the endgame. This is great because you will continually have to settle disputes, to resolve quarrels and to choose a smaller evil when facing two difficult choices. Because of this, the game has many different endings and enormous replay value.

4. Dragon Age: Origins

The first Dragon Age game has lots in general with PoE. It is filled with significant conversation; it features a cast of attractive characters that can join your party, characters each with their own back-story that slowly uncovers during the course of the game, as you talk with them more and more. And the fight mechanics are also very similar to those seen in Pillars of Eternity I and II.

5. Torment: Tides of Numenera

This one takes place on Earth, many eons from now after a lot of nations have risen, flourish and withered away, leaving strange artifacts behind them, artifacts that cannot be understand by men of the game’s world, men who live in a society that forget about higher technology and now exist in small cities that dot the Earth.

6. Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

The game’s story is one of the best ever in the history of video games making the game more linear than some would like but this is a small price to pay in order to enjoy one of the best stories of all times. Combat isn’t really hard and won’t take much of the time, but the game shines in every other department. Another shining quality of the game is its background setting and its cast of bizarre characters the player will meet during his travels.

7. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale isn’t as well-known as other notable RPG titles that got released during the turn of the century but it can be measured as one of the most excellent RPGs of all time. It has an attractive story with many unrespectable twists happening during its course, it is filled with outstanding quests, both main and side ones, and while its battle is the main focus of the game the conversation system is quite rocky and well designed.

8. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

The battle is challenging, tremendously punishing at times and it also follows the good old real-time mechanics that can always be paused in order to think a bit and subject orders for your party. Aside from the fight, the game features an advanced chat system along with many choices that can lead to many different penalties. The player can be either good or bad and, whilst their selection won’t affect the final part of the story, they can sway the world and its inhabitants.

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