5 Alternative Games Like Diablo in 2020

games like diablo

About Diablo

The levels through which your voyage takes you are aimlessly generated, although they follow certain parameters; the caves tend to be more linear, while the catacombs usually have closed rooms and long corridors.

You also have arbitrary quests that you can do in order to level up or learn more about your character’s record. These quests are elective, unlike the final two which are necessary to finish the game.

What Makes Diablo So Popular?

Here’s what makes the game so well-liked after all these years:

  • Everybody can play it. It’s pretty simple, which makes it attractive to a lot of people.
  • You can get lots of plunder. You can always find new chests, areas, and mobs to slay and get tons of weapons and tools.
  • Great to play alone. The game is great for people who like playing alone or with select friends.
  • You can play with 3 more natives. This is easily convenient and can be really fun.
  • You can play for hours or just 10-15 minutes and still be able to go forward with your character and your storyline.
  • There are tons of attractive interactions and cool features.
  • You can come back to it after a long break and still be able to like it as much as you did in the beginning.

There are tons of other things that make the game attractive and well-liked, but you’ve probably experienced all of them if you’ve already played it.

1. Torchlight 1&2

One of the most alike games to Diablo is probably Torchlight 2, as well as the whole Torchlight franchise is universal, and here’s why:

They all take place in a strange fancy world. They offer players all kinds of different quests and adventures and a assure of fame and luck. The prison is also randomly generated, even though they are all unique in a way, and have special objects with which to interact as well as scripted events that occur in each dungeon. The developers of the game required to make sure that each adventure in the game is unique and grabs your attention and that is precisely what they accomplished.

2. Titan Quest

Once you start leveling up, you’ll gain more and more access to different skills and the capacity of your character will improve. You can also pick between 8 masteries, and you can only focus on 2 at a time so that you can mix up and match the skills you need.

The great thing about the game is that it lets you unite other players in battles and help them out. You can also swap over loot between each other and help them defeat the monsters they’re facing.

3. Path of Exile

Players can decide between 6 classes, all of which have different core attributes, but center around strength, intelligence, and agility. You can put in points into skills, and you can also unlock the final class that has all three attributes, but you can only do so later in the game.

The biggest focus in the game is put on looking for equipment that gives you some sort of an advantage. The game has a lot of content that you can really enjoy digging into.

4. Borderlands

What’s most similar between them is the all-purpose progression of the game as well as some other, less important features. Similarly to Diablo, Borderlands also has an enormous amount of loot you can find, and picking up new weapons is what you’ll be doing all the time.

5. Grim Dawn

The game’s imaginary and dark world was inspired by the Victorian Era, and the plot revolves around a war between Aetherials and Chthonian. Both of them want to damage the human race and drive it to the brink of extinction.

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