6 Ways For Free YouTube Premium Account – Free YouTube Red

Free Youtube Red Accounts Passwords– Almost every one of us is familiar with YouTube. YouTube is a very well-renowned platform for sharing and watching videos. Different people use YouTube for different purposes like for sharing their talents, for entertainment, as a tutor and much more. YouTube was free then its new version YouTube premium that is known as premium Red released. In this article, we will share what is YouTube red, its features and how anyone can easily get the free YouTube red account.

free youtube red accounts passwords

You can easily generate the YouTube red account by clicking on the button that is given below. Just wait for few seconds and you will get your email and password. Use this detail to get your free YouTube premium red account.

NOTE: As a generator creates only a limited number of emails and passwords it is possible that one detail does not work for your property. so, in such a situation you just need to go back to the generator and create another detail for yourself.

Everything About YouTube Red

YouTube red is actually a paid version of YouTube. It is available only in specific countries like New Zealand, Mexico, the United States, Australia, and South Korea. It was established in November 2014 and its headquarters are present in 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, U.S.

Many people ask when YouTube provides the facility of unlimited videos then why we need YouTube red. When any celebrity releases a video, we can watch it on Vevo then what is the need for YouTube red.

Well, the simple answer is you will get the ad-free streaming of video with YouTube red account. We know that ads are very irritating. With this account, you can enjoy uninterrupted music with play music available. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy many original shows.

How to Get a Free YouTube Red Account for Life (Legally)

YouTube red subscription account costs almost $9.99. what if we tell you that you can get this account for free?? Isn’t it great new for you?? Let’s have a look at how you can get the free account.

Method 2: Free YouTube Red Account With Swagbucks

With the help of Swagbucks, you can easily get the free YouTube red account. All you have to do is to sign up using the link. After that follow these steps

  • Provide the required information on the homepage of the Swagbucks.
  • Next, you will get the confirmation email. Click on it.
  • After successful verification, you will get a few tasks that you need to complete.
  • When you complete these tasks, you will get the free YouTube red account through email.
  • You can repeat this process multiple times.

Method 3: With InboxDollars

If you are looking for the best method to get the free premium YouTube red account, then InboxDollars is a best option for you. Follow these steps to get your account.

  • Provide your email and password in the pop-up menu that is present at the home page of Inbox Dollars.
  • You will receive the confirmation email for verification.
  • When you verify it successfully, you will receive the free premium account in your mail.
  • You can take advantage of this process as many times as you want.

Method 4: With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie awards its clients with cashback and other interesting rewards. You just need to follow these steps

  • First of all, visit the official website of Survey Junkie.
  • Provide your email and password in the popup menu.
  • After that, a confirmation link will be forwarded to your email.
  • Click on this link for verification.
  • Repeat these steps as many times as you desire.

Method 5: Google Play Code

First, I got to YouTube.com/Red.

Note: As we have already mentioned, it is available in only selected countries.

  • Open your Google account.
  • Go to settings. Check your account information. Most probably the account is standard.
  • Visit the first video released by YouTube. Type “meet YouTube red” in the search bar.
  • Like this video.
  • When you like this video, you will get an option to share, email and embed it.
  • Now, visit the email.
  • Write [email protected] and tap on the send button.
  • Wait for a few hours.
  • Check your email again.
  • You must have received a code from YouTube.
  • Redeem this code by visiting the Google play.
  • After redeeming the code, go and check your YouTube account it must be changed to YouTube red account now.

Exceptional Features of YouTube Red Free Account

  • No interruption. You can enjoy video streaming without any ads. However, in normal YouTube, you have to face the irritating ads.
  • You can enjoy the background and offline music on your mobile devices in the YouTube app. We think it is the best feature available in YouTube red.
  • You can view the original content.

Final Words

We hope that through this information you are now able to know what YouTube red account is and its amazing unique features. You can get the free premium YouTube red subscription for a lifetime. You will get original amazing shows that you can enjoy watching on weekends. So, go ahead and enjoy.

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