Free Xbox Live Codes Generator

Easy Way To Redeem/Generate Free Xbox Live Codes in 2020

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Free Xbox Live Codes Generator

Xbox Live redeem code is a gift code kept in the database of a specific service and when you redeem it you can get digital content, discounts or some other rewards.

Sometimes Microsoft gives codes to make sure that credit is stored and to promote their games and to share their subscription.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes easily

Microsoft owns Xbox which provides codes to buy and extend the Microsoft subscriptions. Xbox live code is 25 bit long characters consisting of numbers and alphabets.

However, it is not easy for everyone for redeeming and use these codes so here we are providing a complete guide to use it.

But every user must follow these simple steps. If you do not follow any of step you will not be able to redeem it properly.

While following the step make sure that you are using a suitable device. So without wasting time let’s have a deep look into it.

How To Redeem Xbox Live Code On Xbox One?

Given below are the steps to redeem Xbox Live code on Xbox One. Let’s start with it

  • Sign in to your Xbox one by using your Microsoft account. You are signing in with Microsoft account because you will need it to recover the code.
  • Then locate the Xbox button and tap on it. After this go to the guide and choose home.
  • Now, tap on the store tab.
  • Here choose to use the code option.
  • Here write the code which is 25 characters long. Make sure that you write it as such all capital letter, hyphens must be written carefully.

How To Redeem Xbox Live Prepaid Code In The Xbox App On Windows 10?

Here in section, we are talking about redeeming Xbox Live prepaid code in the Xbox app at your Windows 10 operating system. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps

  • Go to the website to get the home page. After that choose the sign-in option and enter the details of your Microsoft account. (Please make sure that you are signing in using your Microsoft account because you need it to redeem the code).
  • After signing in select your profile and tap on redeem code option.
  • Nowhere in the last step enter the code which you have copied and is 25   long. Make sure you type it correctly.

How To Redeem Xbox Live Code On Windows 10?

  • First of all sign in to your Microsoft account on your PC. Make sure you sign in using Microsoft account because you will need it to recover your code.
  • Now tap on the start button, type store and then choose the Microsoft store option.
  • Here choose more option and then select redeem code option.
  • The last step but the most important one is that enter the code which is 25 characters long and make sure you write everything properly.

How To Redeem Xbox Live Code On An Android, iOS Or Windows 10 Mobile Device?

This section will provide you steps on how to redeem the code on Android device, iOS device and Windows 10. Let’s have a look at the steps deeply.

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