Free Xbox Live Account | Free Xbox Live Gold Membership in 2020

Free Xbox Accounts- There has been a roar in the online gaming business with the ascend of new technologies. There are so many games available with which we can amuse ourselves. We have a number of gaming consoles like PlayStation accessible in the market that present improved playing, better texture, and wonderful graphics that we call next-gen.

free xbox accounts

Use the generator below. Tap on the generate button. After a while, you will be given an email address and a password. Now write these details in to the sign in tab.

As confirmed earlier,Xboxis an online service for gaming and principally for the Xbox and Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game systems. It is the property of Microsoft. Xbox Live was created on November 15, 2002. A Free Xbox Live Account allows you to play games, download their trailers, etc. Xbox live contains a feature Live anywhere that allows you to play games on mobile as well.

As a part of it, Xbox Live functionality is rooted in new Windows Phones that were released after 2010. Xbox Live lets you play games with users you don’t know personally. You can choose a nickname. You can have friends lists to stay in touch with real friends users you like to play with.

Free Xbox Live Account

Xbox live has two types of subscriptions- Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Silver. Xbox Live silver is the free of charge part and Xbox Live gold id the upgraded paid version. The majority of gaming features are characteristic to Xbox Live Gold, and therefore you have to upgrade to obtain access to it. The cost of Xbox Live Gold is INR 2240 yearly. furthermore, you get four free of charge games a month, in addition to playing the game in multiplayer mode.

Features of Xbox Live

There are some really amazing features to talk about a Free Xbox Live Account. They are:

  • Multiplayer gaming mode is accessible. While playing the game, you can socialize with other players as well, and you with your friends can have an amazing time.
  • You can make a friend list where you can stay in touch with your real-life friends and online friends.
  • Cloud storage is also available for game DVR. Game DVR is a feature by which you can document the game on your computer. as Xbox Live offers you with cloud storage, you can record the game without being upset about space to be consumed on your PC.
  • With live anywhere feature, you are allowed to play the game anywhere any device you want to. Microsoft is now working on this aspect of Xbox Live gaming.
  • With gold membership, you get four games free on a monthly basis. You also get interesting deals and discounts using a gold membership.

How to Get a Free Xbox Live Account Legally

There are several methods by which you can acquire a Free Xbox Live Account They are given below:

Method 1: Premium List of Free Xbox Live Password and Usernames

  • Username: Password
  • senga000: 0053411070
  • color: call god

Method 2: Free Xbox Live Account With Swagbucks

By using Swagbucks, you can instantly organize a free Xbox Live premium account. Just register using this link, and you’re good.

  • First 0f all, you will have to register on the page using your email address.
  • A verification email will be sent to you tap on the link given in that mail.


  • After completing this step, several tasks will be provided to you. You will be required to fulfill any one of them.
  • After that, you will automatically have access to the HBO go account.
  • You are free to repeat this process several times. So go wild.

Method 3: With InboxDollars

This site can be an amazing website to obtain a free premium account. go to the official website of inbox dollars. The following steps are to be followed.

  • After visiting the main page of the website inboxdollars, there will be a pop-up menu.
  • Put in your email address and password in the given tab.
  • You will receive a verification link. Tap on it.
  • After completing that, a free premium account will be provided to you via email.
  • You are free to repeat this process several times. So go crazy.

Get it with InboxDollars now!

Method 4: With Survey Junkie

By using this site the user is able to obtain free of cost accounts after earning money, gifts, and additional benefits. But you have to follow certain tasks for this.

Follow the steps provided below to make the free account using survey junkie.

  • Go to your internet browser.
  • Click on the given link.
  • You will be shown the main page of the site as is shown here.

Survey Junkie

  • Put in your details of account i.e. the email address and passwords in the given menu.
  • An authentication email will be forwarded to your email address. There will be a link in the email.
  • Go to your email and open the validation link.

Method 5: Using Microsoft Rewards

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Xbox live Microsoft account, if you already have one. If not, make an account first.
  3. Now tap on the rewards icon. It is a red-colored icon in the top right.
  4. A drop-down will be displayed. Tap on the join now.
  5. Then tap on try now! For free.
  6. Put in your email id and password. You will be taken to the rewards page.
  7. Now use bing to search as an alternative to Google and Yahoo. You will be given 5 points for each search.
  8. Note: There is a maximum value for a number of searches for the Free Xbox Live Account you can make.
  1. Now convert your accomplishment awards.
  2. get up to 7000 points and purchase Xbox live for one month.
  3. visit Xbox live membership reward page. This is where you’ll find your free month of Xbox Live.
  4. Tap on Redeem.
  5. Now tap on “confirm order“. You may have to enter your contact number first for confirmation purposes.

Method 6: Free Trial

  1. Visit your Xbox account.
  2. Tap on service and subscriptions.
  3. Tap on try Xbox live gold for free. make sure whether you are qualified or not. If yes, go on further.
  4. You might get a request to confirm your account. Enter your contact number and click send the code. You will receive a code, and your free Xbox account will authenticate.
  5. Fill in the payment facts. Enter your credit/debit card information.
  6. You will get the monthly subscription.
  7. Cancel the subscription before the end of the month or the account will restore and you will be charged.

Method 7: With Consoles

This technique is for the Free Xbox Live Account codes that come with gaming consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360. Go to your account, and log in. put in the free trial code that was given with the game and carry out the process for redeeming the code.

Final Words

Try Xbox Gold for. Cooperate with players.. Have fun.

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