25 Best Ways To Get Free Twitter Followers in 2020

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8 Best Ways To Get Free Twitter Followers (Legally) – Twitter was originated in 2006. However, until 2017 it restricts users to only 140 characters. After 2017 it doubled the number of the characters.

People are still happy with twitter. Users love to share their thoughts with others through tweets.

 It almost contains 126 million active users currently. Do many people try to find the reason why twitter is famous among users? As other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is also admired by users all across the world but still twitter has a better reputation.

If you are a beginner and do not have much information about twitter then this article will be very helpful for you. In this article, we have shared information to get followers on twitter. Let’s have a look at these methods

Top 8 Tips to get Free Twitter Followers

One of the major reason behind its better reputation is simplicity. Twitter is simply considered as blogging social media platform. However, other platforms such as Facebook contain a lot of feature and other things that mess it up. So, the simplicity of Twitter is the reason behind its success.

Twitter is very useful for marketing. You can earn some money if you have some partner companies for instance Magpie.

1. Make sure that your profile is complete

Many followers check your whole page of profile before following you. So, you must make sure that your profile contains all the necessary information about you. In other words, your profile must contain what people need to know about you. Your twitter profile must seem attractive to new followers.

Your profile must contain the following points

Name: If you are not able to choose your real name because someone has already used it then make sure that your profile name on twitter must be your real name. It is important because it will represent your identity. However, you must know that you can choose the name up to 15 characters only.

Location: If you are doing businesses using your twitter account then this point so important for you. This is because people must know your exact location or they must now where they can find you easily.

Website: If you have any website or personal blog you should provide a link here. As we have already mentioned it is a very good platform for marketing.

Twitter Bio: let people know about you. One thing you should keep in mind is that you have only 160 characters to tell about yourself. Some people describe their hobbies in bio as well.

Profile Picture: It is the most important point. Whenever you will tweet your profile picture will also be displayed along with it. Make sure its size is correct 1:1 ratio or 400*400 pixels etc.

Header Imageat twitter header image is same as the cover picture on Facebook. You can add anything that seems attractive such as wallpaper, the logo of the company or any other. However, twitter suggests that the user should use an image of 1500*1500 pixels.

Pinned Tweet: this is a new and useful feature. You can add a pin to your favorite tweets. In other things, you want some tweets to be at the top of your profile when any other user visits your profile so you can pin it. Some companies take advantage of this feature and pin tweets about their upcoming campaigns. 

2. Cross-Promote your Profile

No doubt twitter is admired by users all across the world, yet Facebook is considered as the most used social networking platform. You can link your twitter account with Facebook profile. Moreover, you can attach your tweets on your website or personal blog so that you can get more followers. You can also display your twitter handle on other social media accounts.

3. Using Twitter in Live Events

If you are in a certain event and want that other people also know about it then add a hashtag in tweets that you made for a specific event. Try to make some popular and attractive hashtags.

4. Follow More People

Now, it is a trend that if you follow someone they will follow you back as a favor. It is not compulsory. However, it is an easy and simple way to get many followers.

5. Connect your Email Contacts to Twitter

When you are making your twitter account, it will ask whether you want to connect your email or not. Once you connect your email address you can follow your email contacts. Ultimately, they will follow back you.

6. Use More Links in Your Tweets

Every user must try to add more links in tweets. It is observed that tweets with links are more tweeted as compare to tweets without links.

7. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Bio

We have already mentioned about completing your profile. One important step in completing a profile is through providing a necessary bio. Try to use relevant words in your bio as it will increase your rank in search.

8. Use Relevant Hashtags

If you use attractive and famous hashtags it will increase the value of your tweet. Tweets with attractive hashtags earn double engagement as compared to other tweets.

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