22 Easy Ways to Get Free Steam Gift Cards in 2020

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Free Steam Gift Cards – Do you love to play games on Steam? Do you want to enjoy shopping on Steam for your games? Then why not buy the Steam gift card to purchase the Steam product. You can send the gift voucher to a friend as well as to that he can also shop the Steam items and enjoy using the platform.

Legit Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

How to Buy and Redeem the Steam Gift Cards?

Now if you want to surprise your friend and want to send him a gift card then you can follow the procedure given below. Its quite simple and you can do it just a few minutes.

Visit the stream digital gift card page

  • Now select the amount that you want to send to your friend.
  • Enter the name of a friend to who you want to send the card
  • Add any personalized message and done.
  • Just a few steps and here you go. You will receive the notification as your friend receive the gift.
  • Once he will receive the gift he can purchase the things like game, hardware, software or in-game purchase.

Things to focus!

Before you send the Steam gift card, keep in mind following things.

  • First, make sure you have sufficient funds in your Steam wallet. If you don’t have enough amount, then add funds in your account first to proceed to further steps. To add funds, you have to log in to your Steam account and select account details. Here in this section, you can transfer the amount,
  • You can add the amount directly from the physical Steam wallet codes. You have to enter the code to transfer the particular amount in your account.
  • To send the gift card you can sue the PayPal, Bitcoin or any traditional debit card. It means there is no restriction for the particular account. Use any source to surprise your friend.
  • You can send the digital Steam gift card to the friend who is in your Steam list for more than 3 days. Otherwise, you cannot send him the card.
  • In case, if your friend, decline to receive the gift card, you don’t have to worry, your amount will be refunded back in your account.
  • You can send the gift card of worth $25, $50 and $100.

How to redeem the Steam gift cards?

If you have received the gift card from your fellow and now want to redeem it to purchase your favorite items on the Steam then you are just a few steps away. Follow the process and redeem the coed to enjoy shopping at this platform.

  • Sign in to the Steam wallet if you don’t have an account. Otherwise, log in to proceed to the next step
  • After that enter the code that you have received. Make sure to write the correct one to avoid any error.
  • Now continue to redeem your credit into your account.
  • After that confirm about the amount transferred in your account from the account detail section present at the right corner of the page.

Once you redeem the amount you can buy the games, microtransactions as well as other items from the Steam community market.

If you are looking for appropriate methods to get free Steam gift cards then it’s your lucky day. Here in this article, we have provided the list of methods that enable users to get free Steam gift card and sometimes cash as well. You can also mention other methods you know in the comment section. We will completely give you a credit of this to you.

We are very well aware of the fact that many people do not like to complete surveys. However, we cannot this truth as well that it is the easiest way to get free Steam gift cards. You can visit our post Top Reward Websites of 2019. Survey websites demand that user complete some tasks and activities and in return provide them rewards.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-known website to get rewards. This website contains different ways through which you can earn a point. When you get points you can redeem them to get Steam gift card or cash. Swagbucks contains a large variety of gift cards. To redeem points on Swagbucks they must be $3.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another famous website to get rewards. This website is already used by many users as it offers $5 as a gift when you register yourself. Furthermore, this website also contains Scratch and win the game. In this game, if you fill the progress bar more the more you will win.

3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is considered as one of the best game for reward and cash. It provides its users with different ways to earn rewards. You can withdraw if you have ($5-500pts).

4. MyPoints

MyPoints are usually discussed on a website that offers some cash on shopping. However, it also provides some reward to user for watching some videos, completing surveys or such other tasks. Furthermore, this website is very easy to use.

5. InstaGC

InstaGC has a very good reputation for providing gift cards to users. This website offer withdrawal at $1. As clear from their name they instantly deliver the gift cards to users.

Shopping Sites & Apps

You can get cashback either by making a purchase from stores or doing online shopping. These cash backs will increase your balance. You can also get gift cards through shopping. You can also check Best cashback websites and apps in 2019.

6. Ebates

Ebates rewards its users with cashback whenever any user buys something from an affiliated store. Moreover, this website contains an extension that notifies the user when a product is available at some other website with fewer prices.

7. Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates provide a great incentive to its users. When a user register using link they provide a bonus of $5. Furthermore, this website also contains the best referral program for all shopping sites.

8. BeFrugal

BeFrugal offers a $10 when any user registers with this website. Moreover, they also provide various cashback options when you visit to eat at specific restaurants.

9. TopCashBack

TopCashBack is considered as the U.S’s best cashback website. This website offers $10 when you get ten dollars as cashback. Isn’t it great? This website also contains a website that enables user shop and saves.

10. Dosh

To get cashback using Dosh all you have to do is to connect your credit/debit card with this site. Whenever you will make a purchase from an affiliated store you will get cash back. We think this is an easy task rather than uploading a picture of the receipt, shopping through links or portals etc. Furthermore, when you connect your credit/debit card you will automatically get $5 as a gift.

11. Ibotta

Now you can get cashback on products as well as on groceries using Ibotta. You can get your cash back through these three ways 1. Connect your credit/debit card 2. Attach your receipt 3. Doing shopping using affiliated mobile apps. Moreover, if complete all the necessary steps you will get $20 as a gift.

12. Honey

Honey is the most used website. It is a web browser extension. When you install this extension it will automatically notify you about best coupon codes. It is already used by almost 30,000 merchants.

13. WikiBuy

WikiBuy is another famous browser extension. All you have to do is to connect this extension with the browser and you will get notification whenever the desired product is located. So, if you use Amazon frequently you must take advantage of this extension.

14. ReceiptHog

ReceiptHog rewards you cashback whenever you make a purchase. Make sure you upload the picture of your receipt properly. The amount, a number of items and all other necessary things must be visible. You will automatically get cashback after uploading the picture. You will get some coins for every product that you buy. Later on, you can easily redeem these points to get cashback.

15. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome website provides its user $10 as a gift when you register yourself and make a purchase of almost $25 in a time period of 2 months after creating an account. This website also contains a save button that you can add to your browser to keep yourself updated about new offers.

16. Gift Card Granny

You can take advantage of your gift cards that you are not using now. You can also send refer a link to your friends to get some cash backs. Moreover, you can get some cash by using their application.

17. ExtraBux

ExtraBux provides $20 to new users when they register on the website. Whenever you utilize their coupons and shop from their affiliated stores you will get some cash back.

18. Credit Card Rewards

Almost every credit card company provides some cash back to users. However, while choosing a company you must search that which will provide you more rewards. Different companies are providing cash backs. Most of these companies offer points that you can redeem to get cashback and other rewards. 

19. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliates provide some of their videos, links, and products on websites. Whenever any user clicks on these links or buys these products they get rewards. No doubt it is a very simple method but it is hard to start. You must contain some people who trust your description of products. 

20. Search Social Media

Different giveaways are advertised on different social media platforms. So, if you have a social media account you must take advantage of it. All you have to do is to search appropriately. Here is some example of keywords that you can use on Twitter and Instagram to get giveaways. These are #sweepstakes # contest #giveaways etc.

21. Ask for Gift Cards Instead of Regular Gifts

Well, this is the easiest way to get giveaways. If your friend sends you gift on occasions you can ask them to give you a gift card rather than other gifts. It will become easy for them to choose a gift for you and it will be beneficial for you as well. So, adopt this method and get your gift cards as a gift from your friend.

22. Our Giveaways

We also offer some giveaways such as Steam gift card and such other. You can be a part of these offers. Moreover, we provide some specific giveaways to the subscribers of our newsletter. So, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to get notification about offers. As only subscribers can be a part of offers. You just need to fill the necessary detail in the form provided. Don’t worry your information will remain confidential.

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