Top 5 Ways For Free Spotify Premium Accounts in 2020

Free Spotify Premium Account – Music is one of the best things that were ever invented or discovered. No one’s life today is complete without music. It is like a person who understands everything and makes you feel better in your darkest of times. A song, a tune or melody, that can resonate with every feeling that you ever get and even the ones that you can’t explain to anyone. Sometimes listening to a few songs is all you need in order to cheer up or make yourself feel better or get through something.

There are a number of great applications on App Store and Google Play that allow you to stream free music but nothing is compared to Spotify which is like the complete package. You can listen to the latest of the songs and choose to download them, share them and even shuffle them according to your desires.

Spotify is a music application that comes with a music library of more than 40 million songs. Every next day the library is updated with the new songs that hit the industry thus there is no way that you would ever miss a chance to listen to a song on Spotify.

Just like all other amazing applications, it also comes with a premium version which means that there is a free version for users who don’t want to spend their money but the features will be restricted in the free version. The paid Spotify version comes with a number of great features that almost all music lovers want to get their hands on which is why we decided to help you get a free Spotify premium account.

Difference between Free and Premium Spotify

Before we move on to that, let us first understand the difference between the free version of Spotify and the paid version of Spotify. Well, the free version gives you access to the music library but you can only shuffle the songs at your own will by skipping them. Plus the new songs that hit the market will be only available to you after 2-3 weeks whereas premium account holders can get their hands on the new songs immediately.

The premium version allows the users to shuffle the songs and add them to their library as well. You can skip unlimited songs and play any track wherever you like without any restrictions. Plus the sound quality of the premium songs is much better than the free songs available on Spotify.

Most users complain as to why Spotify has a premium account. Well, to be honest, every developer would like to make some extra money from his application so Spotify did the same by adding the premium version. Plus at first the singer or the songwriters didn’t have any problem with Spotify using the app but afterward they restricted their music to be made available to the free users immediately which is why it is only updated 2-3 weeks after it is released.

Ways to get free Spotify premium account

Well according to our hackers and computer geeks there are many ways in which you can get your hands on a free Spotify premium account. So let us look at some of the easiest ways so that you can enjoy all the features of the Spotify premium account for free.

1. Getting a Free Premium Trial on Desktop

The good news for all users is that Spotify offers a free 30 day trial period for the Desktop users. This means that you can easily avail of the full services of a premium account on Spotify by simply entering your credit card details. All you need to do is simply hit the official website of Spotify and log in to your account for the premium free trial period.

If you already have an account then you can simply log in but if you don’t have one then you can sign up and add it all the credentials. Once you are done with signing up you will be asked whether you want the free or the premium version. If you want the premium version then simply hit the button and it will ask you for your credit card or debit card details.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t support PayPal payments anymore so you will need a debit or credit card to get the free premium trial period. Once you have added all the billing information, you will be provided access to the premium features.

Remember that you won’t be charged until the trial period expires. In order to be sure that the amount doesn’t get debited from your bank account, cancel the subscription 2-3 days before the end of the trial period. You can create multiple accounts and use the method again and again to get the free premium account.

2. Getting a Free Spotify Premium Account Trial on Android

The Spotify Free Premium Account trial period is also available for Android users. Unfortunately, IOS users can’t get their hands in the trial period. In order to access the trial period, simply download the application on your device and log in to your account or sign up and ask for the premium version.

If you are using the premium version of the first time then the app will ask you to use the trial period. You can simply add in your billing details and get the trial period without any hassle. You won’t be charged, Spotify only needs to details to be sure that a real person is accessing the application. Payment will be debited after the trial period ends to make sure to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to pay.


If you want to get the Spotify premium account only for the offline feature then you can get the Spotiload Chrome extension which allows you to access the offline feature of Spotify on your desktop with any premium subscription. Once you have the extension, you can use it to search for music on the social network and the extension will download the same music from Spotify.

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