Get Free 50+ Spotify Premium Accounts in 2020

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Music is an entertainment that is used by people every time and also when someone is going through various emotions like anxious, happy, depressed or sad, etc. so songs genre are also linked with these kinds of moods. So the user can find his kind of music that goes by his mood. In today’s world music and songs are streamed and released on YouTube as well from where the user can listen the music for free of cost.

Get Free 50+ Spotify Premium Accounts in 2020

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In case of YouTube the user is unable to download that song from YouTube on his mobile device or on pc too. Also, those songs cannot be heard when the internet is not available. So in that scenario, one can utilize the services of Spotify that lets you enjoy music in any scenario. This site has also its application for Android and iOS mobile devices. There are some elements of Spotify that a user can utilize for free of cost.

In case you love and frequently use video streaming then free of cost accounts of Netflix will aid you. However, there are some elements that can only be used by Premium users. So in order to utilize these features one has to buy a premium level account.

What is Spotify Premium?

It is an application used for the streaming of music which can be used for free. The basic and main elements of this application are free to use. However, adds will be popped up and downloads are limited.  Extra features like good quality streaming and download of music can be obtained through paid subscriptions.

This application inspires users to get paid music along with subscriptions.

Some features of Spotify premium account include

1. No restriction on downloading songs

Free of cost Spotify account does not allow users to download all kinds of songs but there is a restricted number of songs/music which the user can download from this app. The premium users; however, don’t have to face such limitations and they are free to download any song they like.

2. No advertisements

Since advertisements visibility on the site is very irritating. So, free of cost version of this app has a lot of pop up ads whereas the premiums users don’t have to face such irritation during the streaming of music or any other task.

3. Unlock some new features such as Shuffling, Seeking, and Repeating

Through the use of the premium account, the user is able to shuffle his songs or he can put them on repeat too and also he can use the option of finding out his song quickly. These options and feasibilities are not available in free of cost account of Spotify.

There are many more helpful elements of this application which can easily be accessed if one has a premium account.

How to get Spotify Premium Account for Free?

Step 1- first of all the user has to download this application of Spotify premium account from the net.

Step 2- then the user has to move to the folder of downloads and then find and click on that apk file and begin the process of installation.

Step 3- after the program has been started and installed then start it and get access to all of the features of this premium Spotify account.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2019 September

So the user can make use of the premium accounts if the user is facing any problems in making an account for him.  In this article, we have told you about how to create a free of cost Spotify account for yourself. However, if the user wishes to enjoy all kinds of music present in the Spotify app and without spending a single dollar or any monthly fee then here are some hacks and tricks that we will tell so that the user is able to make a free of cost Spotify account and gain access to the account and make use of all the available premium features for free of cost.

Now follow the below-mentioned steps below to get access to free of cost Spotify account.

premium Spotify accounts and passwords

Username: [email protected]
Password: 01122001
Validity: 1-Month
Username: [email protected]
Password: groovy11
Validity: 1-Month
Username: [email protected]
Password: gotwins1
Validity: 1-Month


So as mentioned above these are the most amazing and good elements and features of premium level account of Spotify which a user can make use of if he has this account. Moreover, by following the methods mentioned above the user can make use of all of the features of a premium level account of Spotify for free of cost. So in this article, we have told about the making of free of cost Spotify account and also ways to get free of cost Premium Spotify account and how to use the features of premium level account f Spotify without spending a dime. This article also differentiated between free of cost account features and premium account features. The free account of Spotify limits users activities and downloads whereas premium user has no restriction. So if you have any question or confusion regarding this article and want to clear that out then don’t hesitate and feel free to ask as we are here to help you with your queries. If you like this article and find it helpful then do share it with your friends and family and let them know about this trick too so that they can also enjoy free music through Spotify. Hope you liked the article and keep tuned to have more such articles in future.

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