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Spotify Premium Accounts

Free Spotify Premium Account – People love to listen music. People listen to music on a daily basis and according to their moods. If you are a music lover, then hopefully you are enjoying it legally. There are several websites which provides downloading and streaming websites to listen music nowadays. If you are a music freak, then you are definitely known with Spotify. And you are interested to know how to get free Spotify account. This website provides every type of music. You can listen to the music of your choice and mood from here.

This website provides some paid features to enjoy music. If you wish to get a free Spotify premium account, then this article will help you. Free Spotify Premium Accounts February 2019- Many people consider music a source of amusement. Many people love to enjoy music during their daily life routine. We know that everyone wants to listen to your favorite music track legally.

You can effortlessly download and listen to your favorite music online by using appropriate application. Spotify is one of the popular websites for music If you are an active user of a Spotify, then you must be very curious about how to get free Spotify premium accounts 2019.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2020

By using Spotify you don’t need to pay any cent to enjoy music. You don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription. But if you want to upgrade your account to use the premium features then you must have to pay for it. Many of the users don’t want to spend money to enjoy premium features. If you want to get a free account of Spotify then you have to read information which is written below.

Everybody can relish free music on Spotify without paying a monthly fee to this application. Those who update their account and move from free to premium mode do have some advantages.

But we know the fact very well that everyone loves free things. So, many users do not want to pay for a premium mode as well. What if we tell you that there are methods through which you can enjoy the premium mode for free? Let’s have a look at these methods.

Ways to Obtain Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2020

If you want to use basic subscription plan, then you can enjoy free of cost. But the basic plan has limited features to enjoy as compared to a premium plan. Premium is more desirable as compared to basic plan features. If you wish to enjoy those features without spending money then there are multiple ways in which you have to follow.

We have already told you that premium mode has more benefits as compared to premium mode. No one can deny this fact that features and working of the premium mode are much more advantageous. But what if we want premium mode as well as we do not want to pay for it? Given below are some methods you can try to update your account to premium mode.

Utilizing 30-days Free Trial

You can get authentic free Spotify premium mode by using this method in 2019. But you must keep in this that it will work only for 30 days. You can enjoy and inspect the features of the premium mode and can decide that you want to subscribe to it in the future or not. This is a legal way to get a free Spotify account. But keep in mind that this will last only for 30 days. If you want to enjoy premium features, then follow these steps.

  • Go to the official website of Spotify from your browser.
  • Then you will see a free trial button. Click on it.
  • Then you have to enter your information, e.g., name, email, and password.
  • Enter credit card or debit card data on the payment form.
  • Then go to the button named start free trial.

You have entered your credit card detail so you must keep in your mind the expiry date of the free trial. After one month free trial you will have to pay for it, but if you do not want to continue, then you should unsubscribe it before expiry date otherwise Spotify will start deducting money from your bank account. These are the steps you need to follow to cancel your subscription

  • Go to the given link
  • Enter your account detail.
  • Click “Profile” on the right side of the page then tap “Account.”
  • In Spotify premium heading you will find “Manage Plan.” Click on it.
  • Click “Change or cancel.”
  • In “Change plans” click on ‘Cancel premium.’
  • Click on “Yes, cancel,” and your subscription is canceled.

Now you are ready to use premium features.

Now you can use a free trial, but you have to keep an eye on the last date of a free trial. You have to unsubscribe the premium version before one day of trial version ends. If you will not unsubscribe from the premium version, the money will be deducted from your account automatically. If you wish to cancel your trial version, then follow these steps.

Go to the official website of Spotify.

  • Login to your account.
  • Then go to the profile and click on it then you will see a drop-down menu where you get account button. Click on the Account button.
  • Choose to manage the plan from the account.
  • Enter on change button or cancel button.
  • You will see cancel premium under the heading of change plans.
  • Now click on ‘yes, cancel’ button to confirm cancellation.

Getting Special Code for Spotify Premium

Premium code is used to get premium services. You can get this code by the website or you can win this code by giveaways. Or you can get this from your friends on your birthday. You can use premium features by using this feature. You can use this code before the expiry date.

You can find premium codes on the internet for free. By using foreign applications, you can generate these codes. All codes which are generated by those websites might not work. But viruses might be downloaded on your mobile by these foreign websites. Because of viruses your data phone is at risk. This method is a risky way to get a free Spotify premium account.

You can also enjoy the free premium mode by using the premium code. You can but this code from the website. Many people also get this code either from the internet by filling surveys, quizzes or your friend; a family member can give this code to you as a gift. This code works for you until its expiry mode.

Some websites also offer these premium mode codes for free. However, these websites first ask you to install the application to create the code. When you install the application, you will get the code, but all the code created in this way may or may not work properly.

Downloading this application has some advantages like viruses on your phone, misuse of your personal information. So you must be very careful you should not take a big risk just to get free Spotify premium accounts 2019.

Once you have obtained the code, these are some steps you need to follow

  • Go to the webpage
  • Log in using your account details.
  • Enter your code or PIN.
  • Tap “Redeem.”

There are several ways to activate your account.

  • Go to the official website of Spotify.
  • Enter your detail on login from.
  • Input your code which is mentioned on the back of your receipt.
  • Select ‘REDEEM’.
  • Installing Third-Party Premium Application

By installing a third party application you can use the features of a premium account. By using this premium feature, you don’t need to worry about expiration of premium features. Follow steps which are mentioned below.

Go to the Spotify account and uninstall from original Spotify account.

Install the modified version of premium Spotify. This type of applications can’t work on PCs.
Now it’s time to create an account. If you already have an account on it then you don’t need to create an account.
Now you can use premium features.

Installing Third-Party Premium Application

You can use free premium features by this technique. Firstly, you have to register for the trial version. After doing this, you will go to the settings and change your date by set on a few years back. By using this feature your phone applications might get affected. Because some of the apps are working on an internal clock. Your ram might get full due to error messages, these errors will slow down your phone. You might have to repair your phone by using this method because of data corruption on the phone.

You can get free premium mode by downloading the application of the third party. If you are following this method then no need to worry about the expiration date. Given below are the steps you need to follow to download the application successfully

  • First, uninstall Spotify application from your device.
  • Install the changed version of the application on your phone.
  • Create account. If you already have an account, skip this step.
  • Now, you can use the premium model.

But if you are following this method, you must know that it is not an authorized way. You are doing it illegally. So, sometimes it will cause some issues while you are using it and do not work properly.

These applications also launch some viruses to your phone. Maybe system ceases your account on original Spotify application if it found that you are using unauthentic application. Moreover, through this application, you will not be able to use all the features of the premium model. Some features may remain disabled.

Tampering Your Phone Date

The user can also get a free premium mode by using this strategy. First, subscribe for free 30 days free trial of premium mode them. Before expiration date change date in your account (a few years back). Many users have tried it and revealed that by modifying the date, you could use it from the current phone date that you have changed (a few years back) until the expiration date you have mentioned.

But this method is a little bit problematic. You will change your phone date, and many of your phone applications need the correct date. Moreover, the system will continuously display the error message. So, it will be difficult for you to handle. Sometimes it may damage your data, and you need to restore your phone. So, act wisely.

Obtaining Free Premium Accounts on the Internet

However, if you are the type of person who does not like time taking method, then there is a quick way to get it. You can search for free Spotify premium accounts 2019 on the internet. Many different websites offer these accounts. We have given some emails and passwords which you can use to listen to music.

Although this method seems very comfortable, it is not authentic. The system will cease it as soon as it gets to know that it is unauthentic. All the given accounts do not work properly; you may need to visit many different websites before you found an appropriate one. Apart from these, this is the best way to get free premium service.

If you don’t want to go through to the prolonged effort, then this method is definitely for you. You have to use ready to use accounts of free premium Spotify. Many websites offering these accounts. These websites provide you list of passwords and emails. By using these you can enjoy free music.

Although this method is appropriate but not reliable for regular use. These accounts will work for some time, if the system declared these accounts unauthorized then you will not able to use this more. You can use another account after the previous version declared as unauthorized. But this is not an efficient method to get a premium version for free.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts and Passwords 2020

By using this application, you can listen to any song of any singer from anywhere in the world. You can listen to songs from the past as well as the latest ones. This app will entertain your days and months. This app will inform you about the newest song by your favorite singer. This app will suggest you song according to your mood. That’s why people love to use Spotify. If you get a premium version, then you will listen to every song of the world without any disturbance of ads.

What are the Benefits of Having Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2020?

No doubt, the premium mode has some more advantages like audio quality in premium mode is much better free mode. With this mode, you will feel more pleasure. The free Spotify premium 2019 also makes it possible for you to listen to songs without the internet. It will be useful for you when you have no internet available.

By using a premium account, you can listen to songs on better audio quality. The song details are really clear in the premium account. But if you use regular account then this will not clear. This will improve your listening experience. You can listen to your favorite song without an internet connection. It will be great when your data connection will be finished.

Free Spotify Premium Account List 2020

The ultimate irritating thing about standard Spotify account is its forced advertisements. You will be continuously forced to watch the advertisement while listening to songs. These problems occur only in free mode if you are using premium mode then you can freely enjoy your music smoothly.

You can omit songs from a playlist which you do not want. There is no limit on some songs. Moreover, you can also shuffle your playlist. You cannot enjoy these features in free mode.

You will have to face disturbance of ads by using free premium Spotify account 2020. If you are using a free account, then you will have to go through lots of ads. This app will interrupt your songs. You have a choice to skip the ads but there is no limitation on ads. If you are using premium version then you can enjoy advantage from shuffling feature. Shuffling feature is not for a free account. You can also Get Free Working Netflix Account and Password – 100% Premium Accounts.

Random Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2020

There are multiple methods to get free Spotify premium 2020. But each method has their own pros and cons. If you want to use a free account, you have to understand the methods in detail. But it’s better for you to subscribe officially because this method will prevent you from trouble in the future.

You can get a free Spotify premium account through many different ways. Every method has some pros and cons. You must know about every method thoroughly before using it. If you are not comfortable with these methods, then go ahead and sign up officially.

Music is the perfect art. Each culture makes music, and every past culture has made music too. Studies show how music influences numerous parts of our brain very profoundly. Spotify is advanced music streaming application that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists throughout the world.

Spotify has two main tiers, Free and premium. They both offer different limits and capabilities. The major difference between these two is the price. Spotify Free is free for everybody. You will lose some features that Premium subscribers have. If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, then it will cost $9.99 per month. But the good thing is you have a one-month free trial to try Spotify Premium before you decide to subscribe to it. Spotify Free is upheld by ads. Every couple of tracks you play, you will be compelled to be interrupted by one or two short advertisements. Some tracks are not playable with Spotify free. Moreover Spotify premium provides more good audio quality.

To get started with Spotify you need to visit the Spotify website and sign up. If you sign up using Facebook account, it will be easy to connect with people and other friends. 2. Select a subscription level. (Free or premium) 3. Download and install the free Spotify application. There are different versions of

iphone/ipad and android phones available. 4. Sign into your account and start listening.

Spotify premium also allows you to set music to be available offline but it is the t same as downloading. Spotify’s offline mode just allow you to have access to your preferred music when you are trying to save mobile data or traveling somewhere where access to the internet is not possible. If you want to save the music or download it for, er you will need special Spotify music converter like sidify music converter for Spotify. The amount of data that Spotify utilizes will depend on the streaming quality you select either you select normal quality, high quality or extreme quality.

Spotify premium has e following feature:

  • Streaming quality (three different levels Normal streams at 96kbps, high quality at 160 kbps, extreme quality streams at 320kbps).
  • You can find friends and people on Spotify by signing up on Spotify using your Facebook account. If you do not connect your Facebook account, it still you will be able to find friends but it will be a bit more difficult.
  • If you are using Spotify premium on your pho, one you can associate with an abundance of various Bluetooth and stream your content that way.
  • Spotify connects allows you to play your music through various different Wi-Fi connected devices including everything from Wi-Fi speakers to your television, Amazon Echo, PC, etc.
  • Spotify Codes allows users to easily share music with friends and family. You can use it to produce a unique code for a song, album or playlist and then get another person to check the code to share it with their device and enable them to list toen it too. It is open to everyone.

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