Easy Ways To Get Free Redbox Codes in 2020

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Free Redbox Codes – We all like to get something for free every once in a while especially when it comes to buying gift cards or paying for subscription plans. The same is the case with Redbox. Even though we love renting movies and watching them with friends and family but none of us want to pay for the rent because we don’t have that much free money to spend on movies only.

Free Redbox Codes

What is Redbox?

Most people don’t really know about Redbox but if you are a movie lover then you most probably know what it is. As a regular person, you might have seen those red boxes in front of your local stores or restaurants and never have bothered to check them out because they seem like advertising boxes. Well, they are not those, they are Redbox kiosks.

Redbox is a movie rental company that offers DVDS, Blue-ray films and video games through around 42000 automated Redbox kiosks. Yes, those red boxes that you see are like a movie renting automated booths. These Redbox kiosks can be found at 34000 different locations. Even though these are many other rental services out there but none of them can compete with Redbox because it offers a wide range of discounts and deals to promote its kiosks that can’t be matched by other competitors.

Benefits of using Redbox Codes

Most people question the benefits of Google Play Codes. Well the benefits are right there in front of you. You just have to see them through. One of the biggest benefits of the Redbox codes is that you won’t have to pay for the movies anymore. You can simply use your promo codes to get your hands on free Redbox movies from the nearest Redbox kiosk. Plus you wouldn’t even have to pay online using your credit cards and disclose your personal information because you have get your hands on free Redbox codes using the methods provided.

Methods to get free Redbox Codes

We all need to get our hands on Redbox Codes because we all love to watch movies every once in a while. Finding them on the internet isn’t easy plus there are piracy threats that we don’t want to be exposed to so renting movies from Redbox is the most legit way to watch online movies. So let us look at some of the ways in which you can get your hands one free Redbox Codes.

1. Redbox Codes Generator

One of the easiest ways to get your hands on Redbox Codes is to use our Redbox Codes Generator that is totally legit and provides you with legit Redbox Codes directly from the Redbox server. Simply hit the generate button and get your Redbox Codes for free. Copy them and paste them in your Redbox account to redeem the gift codes and watch free movies.

2. Using the Redbox App

Redbox has also launched an application for both IOS and Android. Yes, the app comes with a  number of features that make it great but the best feature for us is that it offers a number of deals and discounts that you can use to decrease your renting amount and rent movies for a much lower price. These wonderful discounts are available for all IOS and Android users.

Along with the discounts and the deals, the app also offers a number of other great features such as a glimpse of the movies that are available for rent. You can watch trailers as well and also order and pay for your movies before you pick them. Simply download the app and enjoy a number of amazing deals.

3. Free Redbox Code Sharing Websites

You will be surprised to find out that there are a number of websites on the internet that offer free Redbox Promo codes that you can use to rent movies for free. Simply go to Google and search for the websites and check them out for free Promo Codes. One of the most famous Redbox Promo code websites is Thrifty Moment; you can search for the rest yourself.

Every promo code can be used once for every credit or debit card that you use on Redbox for the payment. You won’t be charged unless you keep the movie rented out for more than a night. So if you have more than one credit card or debit card then you can use the promo codes more than once. You can find plenty of promo codes on these websites.

4. Free Redbox Codes through Online Reservations

Redbox is one of the most widely used rental stores because it values sit customers. One of the best promotions that Redbox has launched is that you will get free Redbox codes every time you book a rental online. Online reservations are much easier then actually going to the Redbox Kiosk and waiting there so why wait when you can do it online.

Simply register yourself on the Redbox website and make online reservations for your first purchase. Once you pay for your movie and pick it from the Kiosk, the company will add free credit to your Redbox account which you can use to get your next rental for free.

5. Free Promo Codes at Redbox locations

Redbox is quite famous and you will be surprised to find out that the local restaurants and supermarkets in your area also offer free Redbox promo codes. Plus the Redbox kiosks sometimes offer you free promo codes as well so you need to keep a look out for the places that offer free promo codes on your purchases so that you can enjoy free movies from Redbox. Always check the receipts to make sure that you don’t throw them away without getting the promo code first.


These are most legit and easiest methods to earn free Redbox Codes. If you have been searching for these methods for a long time then you probably already know that there are a number of fake websites on the internet that claim to provide you with free gift cards. You need to be careful of them and never give your personal details to anymore no matter what.  So stay safe and enjoy the above methods to enjoy free Redbox Codes.

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