5 Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes in 2020

5 Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes in 2020 – No Generator Spam

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5 Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes in 2020

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Everyone wants to earn free stuff especially when it comes to free gift cards or codes that will get you free subscriptions because let us be honest, no one wants to spend a couple of dollars every month to pay for Netflix, PSN or even Xbox. Well not to worry anymore because we got you covered. PlayStation is one of the most used gaming devices and almost every household nowadays owns a PlayStation.

Even though you can enjoy some games on it without purchasing the subscription plans but if you want to enjoy the full experience then you have to pay for the subscription but no one likes to do that.

How to Get Free PSN Codes?

You can now get your hands on the free PSN codes list without going through any fake generators. I mean we all have tried those free generators then give fake credit card details or actual fake PSN codes that never work. Well, we promise that we don’t offer such ways because we value your time and understand your needs.

Instead of giving you fake generators we are going to let us about some of the best legit ways to get free PSN codes. When we use the word free it means that you won’t have to pay anything but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work for it. Nothing in this world is free unless you believe in Santa Clause.

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Enough talking let us move on to the list of legit ways using which you can get your hands on free PSN codes. Remember that maybe all hacks won’t work for you so you will have to try at least one or two to get your free code but we do ensure that you will get free codes ones you are done testing these methods.

Free PSN Code Generator No Survey

Use can use the PSN code generator below to get your hands on a list of free PSN codes. The process is simple and easy but you will have to wait because our generator has to get the codes directly from the PSN database. We don’t ask for any of your personal details or ask you to complete surveys. This method is totally easy and completely free.

Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes in 2020

If the generator doesn’t generate a code for you then come back the next day because we only have a limited number of codes so other users might have got their hands on them before you. You can always try the next day to get your free code.

1- Reward Points Website for Free PSN Codes

here are a number of websites on the internet that can help you get your hands on free PSN codes. Such websites are known as ‘Reward Points’ websites. This means that you will have to work a bit to earn the points and then redeem them to get your free PSN gift card that you can use to purchase your subscription.

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The tasks that you have to perform on these websites are quite easy. They are known as micro tasks and they will only take you a few seconds which means that you can complete multiple tasks within a minute. Mostly you will be asked to watch ads, complete form or surveys and etc. A little work is worth a free PSN code.

The only issue here is that there are a lot of websites on the internet, thus finding the right ones can be hard because there are always scammers out there that are just waiting to get their prey. So in order to help you with your search, we have come up with a list of the legit websites that you can use to earn your free PSN codes.

2- List of Best Reward Point Websites

  • Mypoints
  • GrabPoints
  • Pointsprizes
  • Prizerebel

3- Earn Rewards on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most trusted rewards websites on the internet. It is hard to figure out which websites are legitimate and which are not so instead of wasting your time searching for the perfect one, simply register yourself on Swagbucks and earn a number of rewards.

The thing about Swagbucks is that it offers you some entertaining micro-tasks that you have to complete. You will be getting paid for watching ads on YouTube, playing games and even search the net. All of these tasks are quite easy. Every time you complete a task you will be rewarded with certain points. Once you have a sufficient number of points you can exchange them for a free PSN gift card that you can use to get your free subscription.

4- Using PlayStation’s Official Network

If you want to go with the safest and the most reliable method to enjoy free PSN codes then you need to use the PSN official network. PlayStation provides its first-time users with a free PSN trial period. But there is a catch; it only lasts for 14 days.

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Another thing about this method is that it is a bit risky if you forget about the time period. Before you get your trial period, PSN asks you for your credit card details. Even though it won’t deduct the amount in the first 14 days but it will automatically deduct it once your trial period is over. So you have to be careful.

You can use up to three credit cards on a single device so you can use this method multiple times. But if you are under age then you will have to convince your parents to give their details to you because without those details you won’t be able to go through with this method. You also can Get Robux On Roblox for Free.

5- Free PSN Code Giveaways

Well, this method is based on luck. There are a number of YouTubers and bloggers that often hold giveaways in which they mostly give up pricey things like MacBook and iPhone but there are others as well who give away gift cards and stuff to their lucky subscribers.

There are a number of giveaway websites as well that you can try to get your hands on the giveaway prizes. But this method is based on luck so you have to believe in Santa Clause for this one!

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