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4 Simple Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes in 2020

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Free PSN Codes

Everyone loves to get free of cost stuff. Many people spend hours on net surfing in order to find ways to gain free of cost PlayStation codes or Free of cost PSN codes.

There are numerous posts that let you know about the ways to get free of Google play codes, Amazon gift codes, etc.

Since you don’t get everything for free therefore the user has to do something in exchange for getting these free rewards.

The user has to complete and finish some easy and simple activities. Getting free of cost PSN codes are now possible but unluckily there are several fake sites and frauds happening daily on these names.

In this article, we let you know and increase your knowledge about the methods to get yourselves safe from these scams and the authentic and working ways to earn free of cost PSN codes.

Legit ways to earn free PSN Codes in 2020

If you really need to have free of cost PSN codes then give this article a look thoroughly.

We will let you know the ways which won’t ask you to perform difficult tasks which will be difficult to complete but the easy and simple ones that will be fun to do.

1- Get free PSN codes using PSNReward

The PSNReward is an official site to obtain free of cost PSN codes. This site gives out various deals to get points. Once the user has accumulated 1000 points, then this app will let the user exchange these points for free of cost PSN codes.

The gaining of points is not a difficult task when earning through PSNReward. The client has to sign in to the website and reach the wall of offers. Extra details and information will be presented there.

This site gives $10, $20 and $30 free of cost PSN gift cards.

2- Free Giveaways & Giveaway Sites

It is for sure that the players of play station will not be at rest by only having a few amounts of games when they have a play station. Moreover, these games are also very costly. So at this phase, these services that provide free gift cards are utilized a lot.

At present, there are many YouTubers on social media that set an event of giveaways of PSN codes. The condition of entering this giveaway is that the YouTube users have to subscribe to the Youtuber’s channel or follow them.

If the giveaways are started by the renowned and legal organizations then the chances of winning the real giveaways increase a lot as the organizations won’t risk their repute.

Therefore the users should follow the technical channels specifically the channels that particularly show the content of gaming because these gaming channels are sponsors and hence give a lot of giveaways like Google Play cards, Steam Wallet codes and PSN codes.

One can also check the record of declared winner’s list along with the links to the social media account of the particular winners. Moreover, the catalog of the giveaways can also be searched in the /r/giveaways subreddit.

However, the user does not need to squatter his time by finding many subreddits websites. We will tell you the way to find it in a quick way.

We usually utilize the services of Google when more data more huge webs have to be found. So by learning the ways of using the advanced search parameters the user will save his time while getting the PSN codes.

So when the user has chosen the particular subreddit for PSN codes, then he has to copy the address (URL) and then open Google page.

Then writes the below-mentioned link in the search bar:

“psn code site: (without quotes)

By taking such steps the user can let make Google search the particular keywords on a specific site. The user has the full liberty to modify the keywords if he is unable to find the results.

Important Note:  the user should make use of the toolbar and then click the latest searches of the past month.

The user just doesn’t have to stop here and give it in but he has to work more to find these codes.

So in case the user does not find directly the PSN particular gift cards then the user has to use other ways like y changing the keywords and by using more frequent words that define the purpose. Also, relevant keywords can be used too.

So rather than wasting time in unavailable searches change the keywords that don’t directly describe Free PSN codes but will get you to them. The user can search for Visa gift cards, credit card generator. After getting these cards the user can use these cards for purchasing the PSN codes from the legal Sony Store without paying anything.

Also is the user posses a Visa gift card then he can sell it other sites that will provide inexpensive PSN codes in return.

Quick Thought: do remember that you can make use of the above-mentioned technique for searching and surfing any kind of site/subreddit. So if you want to check it out do search it on Reddit/r/giveaways.

3- Getting free PSN codes using Reward Point Websites

As we have told you before about the fake and scam generators that when the user finisher or completes a deal then he will let that site earn money in range$0.20 to $3 whilst the site is faking the user.

Websites that give reward prizes in form of points like PSNReward work on the mechanism of providing the user the opportunity to get points by fulfilling the doing different deals and offers. These kinds of sites are more legal and authentic as compared to the generator websites and these websites give the user the real chance.

The only thing that the user to do is to sign up for the account and get sufficient amount of points that will let you have an actual functional PSN off code and then exchange your points for free of cost PSN codes.

The user should be alert of the daily updates of the terms and conditions of the deals present on the site. Usually, some of the users are unable to exchange their points because of their countries’ restriction.

Also if the user uses the illegal ways to fulfill a deal by making use of a proxy system or through fake ID then also the points cannot be redeemed.

Be alert that many times all the codes are only for the US citizens which defines that the user should have a US PlayStation account in order to obtain free of cost PSN codes. These can also be cashed out through PayPal credit.

So we will let you know a list of renowned and functional point websites where the user will be able to get free of cost PSN codes. If you are a citizen of the USA, UK, Canada, Northern Europe or Australia then there is the probability of having more deals available on these websites.

Other than these places, the deals available will be few in number and hence it will be difficult to convert points to cards. So if this is the case then we will suggest you find some referring programs that are taking place on these websites. These sites usually have an efficient referring program so that the client can get many of the additional prize points by only referring their allies and forming new clients through referral links.

Moreover, when your buddies sign up for the account and make use of the site to get a few points then you will also obtain a tiny portion of those incentive points.

4- Trading Codes or The Barter System

Probabilities are always present. For e.g. a user may get a PSN code as a birthday gift or prevail it in a deal which he does not need.

So in case if someone has bought code which cannot be given back then user mostly sale or redeem these for buying online products.

so there are people out there who usually don’t need codes and they sell it to other people.  So one of the best places to get such codes from users is “Reddit”, and “eBay”. From here you can directly get codes by spending some money.

The /r/psncodes subreddit is one the best online community that has numerous user who shares the PSN codes that they no longer need so others can buy from them.

If you want to utilize this opportunity then you have to make decisions faster as millions of people are making many purchases on a daily basis.

Final Words to Get Free PSN Codes

So if you like our article content and if it has helped you getting knowledge about the ways to get free of cost PSN codes through legal mean then do let us know.

You can also share this article and spread it so others also make use of it and protect themselves from being victimized by the fake and scam websites and fraudulent generators.

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