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Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords in 2020

Tips & Tricks

If you want to watch entertainment programs without time restrictions then Netflix is the best place to consider. Here the user can watch his missed drama series and any other programs. Moreover, the user can watch the same episodes repeatedly.

The user can also enjoy this app on iOS and Android devices too.

Working Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2020

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What Features Does Netflix Provides You?

#1 after getting membership of Netflix account the user will be able to watch as many programs and shows as he wants to watch, for a discounted price.

#2 the user will have the autonomy of searching or browsing any show or program and latest episodes are also being regularly updated in the Netflix database.

#3 the user has the option to give feedback by reviewing or rating a particular show. Users can also give their suggestions.

#4 now here comes the most exciting feature of Netflix. Incase if you paused a show on one device then on another device the user can start the same show exactly from the same place where it was paused. The condition being the account logged in should be the same.

#5 the monthly package is according to your streaming plan.

Free Netflix Working Accounts and Passwords of 2020

Under this topic, we will guide you in getting free of cost Netflix accounts.

1: Free Premium UHD Netflix Accounts For 30-Days Trail

Step 1.  First of all, create a new email account and use it to get registered.

Step 2.  In order to register for the account, the user has to input his credit card details for the trial version but the user will not be charged during the trial period.

Step 3. After signing up for Netflix account select the free monthly trial option.

Step 4.  Now keep check of your trial period and delete your account before the expiry day otherwise amount will be deducted from your account. In order to inactivate your account, click on your account name and select your account and then click on Cancel Streaming Plan or Cancel DVD plan.

Step 5. Now in order to again these features for free, repeat all of these procedures again and enjoy the trial version.

Step 6. The method told above is tedious work as one has to make new email id and use new credit card numbers every time, therefore, it’s better to create a PayPal account and link it with your prepaid card to it. By doing this the user will be able to enjoy the second month of trial with the same card.

2: Share Your Netflix Account Easily (Free Netflix Accounts)

In this passage, we will let you know the ways to share your account with somebody else.

Step 1. A single person can make five profiles on one account with only 2 profiles will be able to stream shows at a time.

Step 2.  This method does not require any additional fee and its completely legal to make use of this method.

Step 3.  There are a number of people around the globe who do share their accounts with their relatives, friends, and families.

Step 4.  Through this method, you won’t face any issue but the condition is that only 2 people will be able to stream online at a time.

3: Free Accounts Using Netflix Cookies

In case if not a single method works from above-mentioned ways then give a try to this one. We will give you Netflix account cookies that you have to add into your browser. By doing this you will be signed in to a premium level Netflix account. Here is the method to do it.

STEP 1: Open your browser.

STEP 2: Visit this link [ ] and then install the extension of  Edit this Cookies chrome((name of your browser)

STEP 3: After this close down your browser and again open it.

STEP 4: now open Netflix site []

STEP 5:  After doing this, see in the top right corner of the browser. There will be the icon of cookie. Click this icon and move to import option.

STEP 6: the following are some of the codes. Copy-paste these codes in the import box and select the tick button.

STEP 7:  now press f5 to refresh the web page and you will see that you are signed in to a premium level Netflix account.

NOTE: Keep it in mind that this method will not be working if you signed out of the account. So don’t click on sign out button.

4: Get Free Netflix Account using Virtual Cards

In order to get the free trial version, the user has to put in their credit card details. So if one does not want to put such information and still wants to enjoy the trial version then there is a way to do it.

For this, you have to download two applications from Google play store i.e. Netflix and tmw-Wallet.  This wallet app will aid you in creating an unlimited amount of free of cost virtual debit cards. By using this card we will sign up for the trial version.

Use the link below to download the new app.
2. now open this app and sign up for the account.

3. you will be asked to provide your mobile number and some of the personal details too and also a document for proof number. For that, you can give your driving license card or any other card.

4. Now go through term and conditions and select sign up option.

5. you will receive an OTP through SMS on your mobile. Put in that OTP number and proceed.

6. Now select your unique pin number and also your security question.

7. select the cards option and further select the Apply now button. Now select activate instantly and give your email id and your birth date and enter.

8. after this your virtual card will be created consisting of the information that is needed to create an account on Netflix.

9. Now open Netflix account on your mobile device or on a web browser and select register button.

10. Choose any plan you like and enter continue.

11. Now give your email id and password and click continue button.

12. Now click on debit/credit card and write in all the information from your created virtual card. This will be available in the app. Then read terms and conditions and select the agree button and click continue. Your membership will begin.

13.  After this step, the web site will send you an OTP through your bank. Put in that OTP and enter the submit button.

Now you’re free of cost Netflix account has been activated without the conditions of putting your actual credit card number.

Netflix Premium Accounts of 2020

So we hope that you find helpful information and ways to set up free of cost Netflix account.

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