Free MSP Account List | Free MovieStarPlanet Passwords in 2020

Free MSP Account – Online games are becoming popular rapidly. A wide range of games are accessible. Some games consist of fight. Where you have the opportunity to construct your own environment and wonder everywhere. The list is carried on. So you need to understand the method to obtain a free of cost mps account.

free msp account

In this piece of writing, we are going to talk about the game where you can be popular. You can choose the costume of your avatar, work on their looks and then play specific games to earn cash. The game is a movie star planet.

You can give a free MSP account and password by clicking on the generate button. You will be shown your email address and password. Now write these details in the sign in tab.

The number of accounts infinite and a few might not function in the case already being used. In this situation click on the generator button a provide new details.

Introduction To MovieStarPlanet

Moviestarplanet is a game where you have the opportunity to make your character that can let you be a celebrity. The game was released in the year 2010. The producers were Denmark and Danish university of education as partners. Some of the instructors teaching the elementary class students who had the support of Danish national it and telecom agency had an important role in the production of the game.

The range of the free game accounts is so wide for kids of age starting from five-eight. The game is free to register for even though you are supposed to buy stuff. If you go to the website there will be an option to play it. Select that option. After it, you will be taken to the next page where you will be required to make your own character.

The options for hair, eye color, and styles clothes etc will be provided. It also provided an opportunity to keep pets.

The game satisfies your fascination regarding seeing yourself in fine clothes, groomed looks and feel like a celebrity. Make your own digital character and do his makeover to feel like a hit star. You also have the chance to produce your own film.

For the purpose of gaining money and points you will be required to make some purchases in order to play games, for example, collecting gifts, making dresses, fashion parade questionnaires, etc. the types of memberships present within game normal , star VIP may buy the membership or make purchases per week in movie time and succeed it.

Top Features of Moviestarplanet

MovieStarPlanet is an amazing game for children and teenagers. This is the best way to avail your time to have fun using the amazing features of the games. Let’s see those features.

  • You can modify your customized digital character as per your wish. There is a possibility to choose its dresses and hairstyles and shoes etc.
  • You have the option to talk to other users. This lets you make friends and interact with other users.

Free MSP accounts

  • You can produce your film. In case the time length of the movie is not so long you receive 10 starcoins however in case the movie is long you receive 25-star coins.
  • After getting VIP membership you will receive many benefits when you get popularity so fast, can provide autographs, avail elite VIP things to make purchases and many starcoins and diamonds.

How To Get a Free MSP Account?

even though it is completely free of charge to register and play this game, there are some things that you have to purchase, like the VIP membership. This is where you require a free of charge MSP Account.

Method 1: Free MSP Usernames Account List | Premium Passwords

  • Username: Password
  • senga000: 0053411070
  • color: call god

Method 2: Free MSP Account With Swagbucks

By using swagbucks you can receive a free account. What you are required to do is register using the link.

Follow the steps provided below:

  • register on the internet page that is shown on the page using your email address.
  • A verification link will be sent. Click on the link.


  • After completing certain actions will be displayed. You are supposed to complete anyone.
  • After that, an MPs account without any purchase will immediately be sent to your email address.
  • You are free to repeat the process as per your desire. So go wild.

Sign Up for Swagbucks!

Method 3: With InboxDollars

InboxDollars, provides you free account after completion of some tasks you might as well get free cards, gifts cash, etc. follow the given steps:

  • Go to your web browser.
  • Open the link.
  • Write your mail id and password and register there.


  • You will be sent a verification link to click the link.
  • After completion follows a task from the ones shown to you.
  • After that, you will get a free account.
  • You can repeat the process several times.

Method 4: With Survey Junkie

This provides you an opportunity to receive a free account through money prizes, gifts, etc. to follow the tasks to get a free account using survey junkie.

  • Go to your web browser.
  • Open the link.
  • The main page will be opened.
  • Write your email address and password in the pop-up tab.
  • An email for verification purposes will be sent to you. Click on the link.

And you will be provided a free login account. Go

Method 5: Free MSP VIP Pass

In the movie town, there are going to be games to be played on a weekly basis. Take a part in these games and receive a free VIP pass. This technique works, it is authentic and will not create any risk for your account.

Method 6: PayPal Trick

This technique is also really simple and authentic. Follow the given steps.

  • Go to your browser and visit the website of MovieStarPlanet.

MovieStarPlanet Official Site

  • After the page is loaded there will a button providing an option to be a VIP.
  • Tap on that icon.
  •  The page displays several packages accessible at the moment. These three kinds of memberships. Further options will be shown in those memberships for 30 days, 7 days, 90 days or 12 months. Select the one you desire.
  • After that, there will be an option of forward to the payment. You have the option to make your purchase debit card, credit card or PayPal.
  • Choose PayPal.

Pay with Paypal

  • So after the page is loaded, go to the end of the page and you can see an option to cancel the payment and head to moviestarplanet apps.
  • You will have the VIP membership with an MSP name with no payment.
  • You will be a member within a week almost.
  • After you are done with the membership, form a new account with a zenmate VPN for security and follow similar tasks again.


The game is interesting among youngsters. Most of them dream to be an extraordinary person but are unable to achieve it in actual life. Hence in this game, you can fulfill your desires and become a celebrity. The game is really fun for most of the users.

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