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11 Simple Ways To Get Mega Premium Account in 2020

Mega Premium Account – Are you not willing to compress huge files ? are you looking for a speedy way to transfer files online Want a fast and robust way to transfer your files online without any irritation? This issue is resolved with the help of A Mega Premium Account that provides a well-organized storage option.

By using the following generator it is possible to get free of cost Mega login Premium Account and passwords.

Tao on the “Generate” button and wait for roughly 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will be shown. Now, what you are supposed to do is write these facts into the login section on the side.


Note: there is a specific number of accounts and a few might not work in case they are previously used. In this situation you are supposed to open the generator once more.

What is Mega?

Mega (MEGA) is a service that is used as cloud storage and file hosting the founder of which was Mega Limited., a company based in Auckland. They provide services through apps based on the web which can also be found on apps stores like windows, apple, android.

The free customers on MEGA are given:

  • 15 GigaBytes of base storage ‘quota.’
  • 35 GigaBytes before a month after registering.
  • loose storage space through ‘achievements’ which can run out
  • utmost lasting storage of 50 GigaBytes

where the Premium MEGA customers are given four options:

  • 200 GigaBytes of storage with 1 TeraByte(s) of bandwidth monthly
  • 1 TeraByte(s) of storage with 2 TeraBytes of bandwidth monthly
  • 4 TeraBytes of storage with 8 TeraBytes of bandwidth monthly
  • 8 TeraBytes of storage with 16 TeraBytes of bandwidth monthly

Free Mega Premium Account Username & Password

If you are looking for answers on the internet to find working methods to obtain mega premium accounts you are lucky to find this piece of writing.

Method 1: Free Mega Account | Usernames & Passwords (2019)

  • Username: Password
  • senga000: 0053411070
  • calwk : calwkgod

Email Id & Password is LOCKED!

Kindly support us, use any of the following buttons to get access to the Premium Account.

Method 2: Free Mega Login Accounts With Swagbucks

By using Swagbucks, you are able to arrange a free of cost Mega premium account. You just have to register using this link.

Look at the following steps:

  • Register on the page displayed the page using your email id.
  • You will be given a link. Click on it Swagbucks
  • The particulars will immediately be forwarded to your email account.
  • This method can be used several times.

Sign Up for Swagbucks!

Method 3: With Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars, you will be required to complete some tasks and you can get an account free of cost or reward cards, money.

  • Go to your internet browser.
  • Click the link.
  • write your email id and password in the pop-up menu and press Sign-Up.


  • Click on the link in your mailbox and follow a given task.
  • A free account will be created.
  • Use several email ids and repeat the process.

Get it with InboxDollars now!

Method 4: With Survey Junkie

On survey junkie, you are able to get money and gifts and buy stuff on shopping web sites like amazon etc.

Follow the tasks and buy anything you like.

The steps are given below:

  • Go to your internet browser.
  • open the link.
  • Write the required details.
  • You will be sent a verification email.

Survey Junkie

  • Open the link and your inbox in separate tabs.
  • Then you will be headed to a free premium account.
  • Use several email ids to repeat the process.

visit Survey Junkie now!

Method 5: BugMeNot

There are many passwords and usernames in bugmenot. scroll, copy and paste and you can get access to a free premium account. Also, See:

Method 6: Mega Debrit

This website is almost the same MEGA. But it is accessible at no cost. This server provides a platform to transfer and download files with maximum speed. Another option for mega.nz is mega debrit. It lets you operate files fast independent of the physical location of the server.

Method 7: Free Accounts

This works the same as BugMeNot but the difference is that it provides a number of has more IDs. in addition to the free mega account, it can provide user IDs and passcodes to different software and products.

Method 8: Reddit

A number of groups known as ‘subreddits’ are available providing answers to get MEGA Premium Accounts.

Several known ones include/piracy, r/AMA, r/MEGA. It allows queries and provides answers to this online society.

There are approximately 50,000 customers who might assist you with this.

You should have an account on Reddit and a little ‘karma’ i.e developed by making comments, posts and remaining active.

Method 9: GetMega

Mega premium account is not required here. but you need to get rid of the link past 8 hours. You can only paste 50 links in a minute per internet protocol.

This signifies that only 50 links can be downloaded on a device in a minute.in case of several numbers of devices working with a premium account in the best choice.


Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is needed for this. By utilizing the suggested download manager software, the server will provide a maximum downloading rate. contrasting with an average server speed set by default.

Method 10: Online Surveys

People keep different opinions regarding online surveys. Both positive and negative. They look for it when a product or spectators is needed. Following sites that provide excellent results for devoting in a little data:


With Cinchbucks, you can collect tons of money after getting referrals, surveys, steps, and other trouble-free techniques. acquire your free MEGA Premium Account!


It is the majorly known survey site to benefit from proposals after completing, and Toluna points can get you a lot of profit!

Method 11: Online Generators

There is a good collection of mega pro account creators which can let the user have a MEGA Premium Account without any threat.

The user is certainly free to test SDUB for creating premium links and additional collection of generators and blogs whose one and only purpose is to offer Premium Accounts free of cost!

A file consisting of passwords and old user IDs are checked given on WeLovePremium. There would be no loss if you give it an attempt however in case you achieve something, it would be rich free of cost storage so that you can to save your digital data comfortably.

Final Word

A cloud is the best technique to store and arrange your files and keep it safe from unauthorized access. at the same time, you must take into consideration the risks of digital data. a Mega Premium Account lets you keep timely updates.

Mega allows the user to share, delete, download, exchange and arrange the data in the correct order. The user should keep his/her data safe and organized with the help of these techniques to protect it in spite of charges.

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