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Free Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Free Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – The iPhone 11 Pro Max contain amazing feature that attracts users. Before anything else, we must tell you it worth a very good amount of price.

iPhone 11 Pro Max pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max pro max are considered best for their specs. The new version of the iPhone costs less as compare to the iPhone XR along with some improvements in specific areas.

This phone provides you iOS 13 as standard, enhanced camera, and amazing quickest innards. With these features, you can buy an iPhone with low price as compared to many other phones in the market.

How to Win Free iPhone 11 Pro Max Instantly and Easily

This version is beyond the expectations of the users as it different from all other versions available already.

  • Looking for the big-screen iPhone. Let’s have a look at iPhone 11 Pro Max review.
  • You can also check the iPhone 11 Pro Max review.
  • We must tell users that iPhone 11 Pro Max contains novel iOS 13 software.

iPhone 11 Pro Max release date and price

  • the launch date of iPhone 11 Pro Max: 10th September
  • Pre-order date of iPhone 11 Pro Max: 13th September
  • Release date of iPhone 11 Pro Max: 20th September
  • Price of iPhone 11 Pro Max:  Ranges from $699 (£729, AU$1, 199)

If you are waiting for a new affordable version of the iPhone, then 20th September is going to be your lucky day.

If you want to book it already then 13th September is the starting date of pre-order. Guess what?? You will get a one-year subscription to Apple TV plus in the US.

People in the US are going to love this novel version. As it starts just from $699 with 64GB storage available. 

In some countries, the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max is low compare to iPhone XR. Like 64GB storage phone costs £729 in the United Kingdom and AU$ 1,199 in Australia. It means you can save £2o and AU$30 with this version.

Like all other versions of the iPhone, it also contains various range storage options. Along with 64GB that we have already mentioned 128GB ($749, £779, AU$1,279) and 256GB ($849, £879, AU$1,499) are also available. If you want some extra storage, then you have to pay some amount as given.

If you live in the UK and have decided to buy an iPhone, the good option is for you to register yourself with some retailers. By doing so, you can get updates about their offers related to price about the iPhone. Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone are two platforms for registration. You can also register at and have a chance to get £30 if you buy an iPhone from the same platform as well.

iPhone 11 Pro Max camera

iPhone 11 Pro Max also contains camera at the backside like the iPhone 11 Pro Max pro having a square design with two sensors. The XR version contains only one sensor.

This square shape at the rear is interesting, as it does not necessarily need the extra space as it can fit in a thin lozenge like an iPhone XS. However, the sensors are larger so they cannot fit easily at the thin place.

It seems like Apple is making sure that all three iPhone versions have some visual identity with a square block at the backside of the screen.

The point is how it look likes and how it’s the purpose? The answer is two sensors are present both are 12MP. However, this time it contains an ultra-wide-angle lens, so you view the scene with more clarity.

The camera is the most amazing feature of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. As it contains the new 12MP ultra-wide sensor along with old wide-angle normal 12MP sensor to make the viewpoint clearer.

We must you that this version contains deep fusion landing. It means you can take eight photos before tapping on the shutter. You will also find a long-exposure option as well.

It contains the neural engine of high power A13 Bionic chipset that can focus on what it is looking at and select the best pixel to take a shot. According to Apple, this camera is equivalent to mad science.

In low brightness mode, you can take hold of the phone for about 1-3 seconds and the phone is able is to click a night shot that will be very clear. We are curious to know how it looks likes as compared to Samsung Galaxy S10 and Google pixel 3.

By using portrait mode, you can click the blurry background pictures with enhanced masking to get “studio-quality” portraits.

The front side camera in the new version is also enhanced to 12MP version. It makes users click the wide-range and slow-motion pictures. Well, Apple is calling these slow-motion selfies as “slofies”. The ultra-wide mode of the front camera enables it to extend the range when turned into the landscape mode. It is going to help you use to click a shot in the group.

Some of the demos that we have checked on Twitter are just amazing.

The video quality is also improved. The phone is able to shoot in 4K with 600fps smooths. However, it does not contain finesse like iPhone 11 Pro Max pro of raw power, but the video quality is enhanced, and it is more colorful.

The camera is the most attractive feature in the iPhone 11 Pro Max and with low price, the phone will become more demanding.

iPhone 11 Pro Max design and display

iPhone 11 Pro Max contains the border with almost 6.1inch LCD (liquid retina screen).

If you have used iPhone 11 Pro Max pro then you can clearly see the difference between both versions. The pro version is thicker, but it contains amazing matte touch.

We have experienced both iPhone XR and XS. After some time both these phone look likes the same in the hand. So’ there is not any big issue.

Like iPhone XR it also contains LCD display to maintain the low cost rather than OLED option. Well, it is very clear, and it serves the user when we talk about the battery. As the iPhone XR contains the best battery among all versions of the iPhone.

The resolution of iPhone 11 Pro Max is less as compare to iPhone 11 Pro Max pro. These are efforts to make the cost low. However, it lacks the OLED screen that provides amazing color reproduction and contrast ration to the screen.

Although iPhone 11 Pro Max does not contain the same image reproduction quality, it still looks much brighter.

The attractive things in the iPhone XR are its “more colors”. Again, in the new version of 2019, you will get color enlivening demo area.

iPhone 11 Pro Max is available in white, mint green, black, lavender, yellow and standard product (RED) colors. This phone is more fashion-friendly as compare to other expensive phones available in the market.

iPhone 11 Pro Max battery life and iOS 13

like all other versions of iPhone 11 Pro Max, this version also contains iOS 13. The users can enjoy the full amazing features and operating system at a low price.

iPhone 11 Pro Max also contains A13 Bionic chipset like iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max pro but with less RAM. However, the internal specs are almost the same as previous.

If we talk about gaming then shadow and detail reproduction in Pascal’s wagers is very impressive same like fluid gameplay.

When it comes to battery timings, this phone is going to help you in this aspect. As the iPhone XR has the best battery life. You are going to have the same thing here.

This version contains more user-friendly screen and more efficient processor inside it. According to Apple, this version is going to have more battery life then iPhone XR that means thing inside the phone are more enhanced and efficient now.

Unfortunately, there is no fast charger available inside. This is done so because to manage the price. However, everyone is hoping that it will come in standard so that no one can have battery issues.

You are going to have wireless charging phone that contains the battery for a lot of your day. So, you should never miss such amazing features.

First, we will perform some tests on iPhone 11 Pro Max battery then we will be provided a detailed review on it.

Early verdict

The iPhone XR was the amazing release for the iPhone. It has amazed users with its cheap and powerful entry. It was big success in the iPhone universe.

Now, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is going to you all those features with low prices and enhanced camera features. We think this phone is going to hit the market.

Along with the camera enhancement, the power is updated. So, the thing is to notice whether the iPhone 11 Pro Max provides the material update over the last year model’s or not.

The most important thing is the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the cheapest new iPhone available. Its price is very low and users are thinking they can buy a new iPhone with the price that is lower than what they have expected. 

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