Free Hulu Account Username and Password

Get Free Hulu Account Premium Username and Password in 2020

Free Hulu Account Username and Password

Hulu is a website for streaming TV shows. You need an account to get the benefits of Hulu features. You can get a free Hulu account with username and password easily. With the help of modern technology, you can enjoy movies, TV shows and much more. 

You can enjoy these things on your smart devices, e.g., smart TV, smartphones, iPad and tablets e.t.c.  there is a huge list of streaming websites. Some of them provide free streaming to watch movies and some of them need a subscription.

Free Hulu Account Username and Password 2020

This is a streaming website. This is U.S based website used to watch TV shows. It is also available in Japan. It is in English and Japanese languages. Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are tough competitors for each other. They want more users. They have millions of subscribers. They all provide different features from each other, that’s why users buy their subscriptions.

Learn Ways to Get Free Hulu Account 2020

There are thousands of websites that provide streaming sites. Most of them want a subscription fee to give access to shows. If you want to enjoy you have to pay some subscription fees. They all give a one-month trial version to the users to watch movies. After the trial version ends, you have to pay a subscription fee to continue watching shows.

Some people wish to watch those movies free of cost. But they have to pay the subscription price. The subscription fee is inexpensive than a cable bill. There are many methods to get a free account to stream movies freely.  People also use free accounts for Netflix and Amazon. There are the following ways to get a free Hulu account. You may also like to read the trick to get free PayPal money online.

Free Hulu Account with Sprint

The first way is to use an extension named sprint. By using this extension you will get username and password. If you want to use this extension, you have to add this extension to your browser. There are the following steps.

  1. Go to your browser. Then add the extension tools from the setting of your browser and search for sprint extension.
  2. Then go to extension, then select the chrome web store from this.
  3. Then type edit this cookie.
  4. Then click on add to the chrome button. 
  5. Now time to access by typing Hulu and search for it.
  6. By choosing the show cookie you will see the characters, then copy that characters.
  7. Now access the Hulu website.
  8. Now paste the characters then click on the import button.
  9. Hulu may take time. After the wait is finished, you can free Hulu plus.

Free Hulu Account with Spotify

You will need a credit card to get a username and password for free Hulu account. There are multiple steps to follow.

  1. Go to the website and get your free account.
  2. Now you will see a page of the subscription plan, three plans are mention on this page.
  3. Now you have to fill your personal information and credit card information. You can de-link your credit card later.
  4. Now you can enjoy Hulu free for one month.
  5. If you don’t like the Hulu, then you can cancel your subscription before one day of the trial version ends.
  6. You can get a free Hulu account for a month if you make another account.

Free Hulu Account without Credit Card

This is another way to get a free Hulu account. But this time you don’t need to enter your credit card information. There are multiple steps to follow.

  1. The first step is as same as in previous methods. Go to the official site of Hulu and get an account for streaming.
  2. Then you will see the page where 3 plans are mention on it for a subscription.
  3. Then you have to choose a plan for subscription and fill your personal information.
  4. Then you have to choose the express option to use a PayPal account. After this, your registration is done.
  5. Now you can be able to enjoy Hulu for one month.
  6. In this plan, you can cancel your subscription as in previous methods if you wish to.


This is the most popular method to obtain a free Hulu account.  You can find free username and passwords for the Hulu account here. Steps are mention below to follow.

  1. Go to the official website of and complete your registration here.
  2. After registration, you can log in with your account.
  3. Now go to the ‘leaks’ button and click on it.
  4. Now click on the movie watching site dumps.
  5. You just have to choose those movies which are linked with Hulu.
  6. Now you have to write something related to the topic to get the content.
  7. Now, the site redirected you to the next page, but the usernames list is mentioned on the back page.
  8. Try all of the username and password one by one. It can be time taking process to find the right username and password.

Now you are well known with methods to get free Hulu account. If you wish to know more about 

There are many reasons and advantages of Hulu

Old Contents

Hulu is a site that provides you the old content. A content that you missed in the past. It has a list of all past shows which you could not watch for some reasons. This is the greatest website to find the shows missed by you.

Current shows

This website also provides current content with old content. You can find every show that you will like to watch. This is the best website for people who loves to watch TV.  

Original content

Their content is original. They create their own content for the satisfaction of viewers. They could not get millions of viewers by their original content but they try their best to create original content.

Availability on various devices

This website is available for both operating systems, e.g., IOS and Android as well. This website also provides Hulu plus. Hulu Plus is a version for many other devices’ account.

Available in high-definition

You can enjoy your movies, TV shows in HD quality. Your eyes will not hurt by it. You can also enjoy movies with standard quality. This is also a worthy quality to watch movies.

Low cost

You can also watch movies at low cost. Because as compared to cable streaming sites gives you access to watch movies and TV shows on cheap rates. You can also watch them on a smartphone.

Hulu is the best website to watch TV shows. This is an alternative way to watch your favorite TV shows that you have missed. However, Netflix is popular for movies. We have already told you multiple ways to get free Hulu account 2019.

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