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10 Ways to Earn Free Google Play Gift Codes in 2020

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Free Google Play Codes & Credit

In this article, we will tell you the ways to obtain free of cost Free Google Play codes. There are a large number of applications on the Google Play Store which are more in number as compared to the Apple store. However, the catch-22 is that a lot of them can be obtained for free of cost but the good and helpful applications and games have to be purchased.

The applications that are free of cost just provide main functions whilst the paid applications will let you use the restricted features of the application. the cost of the application can be included in users monthly statement, but sometimes the sum of the amount accumulates too much that a user is not expecting.

So in order to get rid of these extra charges the other way to buy these applications is by getting free of cost Google Play cards.  Then the user can utilize these cards to purchase the paid games and applications.

Free Google Play Gift Card Unused Codes Generator – Legal

The Google Play cards are basically used for buying different stuff available on Google Play store like Movies to watch, books to read, songs, etc.

When the user has enough balance in the card then this card can be used to purchase applications or even used to utilize the first-class features that are available for the premium members. These cards can also be given as gifts to someone.

In contrast with other cards and coupons, the Google Play cards don’t end therefore, these can be used any time the user wants.

The user can purchase these by an online method where online payment through credit card is required.

How to get free Google Play Codes?

So it’s a common thing that not everyone wants to make use of cash in buying these applications. So the user can gain these free of cost Google play Gift cards by completing certain jobs and activities.

1- Google Opinion Rewards

The easiest way to earn free of cost Google Play codes is by googling. The user has to sign up for Google Opinion Rewards and the user has to fill the survey forms.

The user will receive balance and rewards immediately after the survey has been completed.  There are possibilities that either you get many surveys forms at a time or you might get it once a week.

These surveys will require your outlooks about your favorites.

The other safe way to get free of cost Google Play Cards is to download the specific games and apps.

Nevertheless, your main focus should be earning money through completing surveys so to earn Google Play codes. Other methods include: application s downloading, games, and

2- From Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most trustworthy and amazing portal on the website. The users get points through completing survey forms, watching video offers, downloading, or playing games, browsing net and shopping.

It is one of the many methods to gain free of cost Google Play Gift Cards with no requirement of mobile devices or applications.

Since there are many various exchange options at the store of Swagbucks, the user can trade in Google Play gift card for$50 cards whose amount is 5000 points.

3- Via GPlayReward

GPlayReward is a site from where the user can get free of cost Google Play cards. The client needs to have 1000 points to exchange it for a $10 free of cost Google Play Card.

The card ranges are $10, $25, and $50 cards but it is highly suggested to gain $1000 points first and obtain your $10 gift card.

4- From FeaturePoints

Through this application, the user can simply and easily get points when he downloads free of cost applications and then uses them for a few minutes.

The applications are updated regularly and can be of different categories like playing games, reading books, listening or downloading music or the upgraded messenger application.  The points earned from these activities can be redeemed for Google Play card codes, paid applications or even e-gift cards.

As far as Google Play card codes are concerned the user has to keep a sufficient amount of points that can make him get $10 or $15 value gift cards.

The points can also be gained by referring this application to your closed ones or friends. By this referring procedure, the user will be rewarded by the feature point by 50% of the whole points the referral gain.

5- From InstaGC

InstaGC is basically for getting instantaneous gift cards and provides much leniency in obtaining free of cost Google Play cards. The points will be awarded to the client when the user will complete several tasks like filling different survey forms, watching video offers,  e-shopping from supported partners or web surfing.

The user will receive 10points for making an account. A hundred points will let the user earn &1 in Google Play cards. Rarely there are some other points making activities like listening to songs, searching websites, trying a product, etc.

The range of Google Play cards is $10, $15, and $25. This means that the user will have to get 1000 to 2500points in order to get a gift card. Furthermore, if the user refers to this site to his friends he will get an extra 110 points.

6- From AppNana

It is the best app that is used for gaining Google Play balance. It is easy to use and will let you get points (nanas) when the user downloads different applications and games.

This app will let you earn about 400 points per day just for signing in the account. The points can be simply earned for playing ones preferred games or even by downloading applications like facebook application.

These nanas (points) can be used to exchange them for Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and Xbox cards too.

The other way to trade in the points is to utilize these gift cards to purchase paid applications from the AppNana store.

7- Via Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another way to get points that can trade in order to get free of cost Google Play cards. The same procedure has to be followed that is that the user will perform certain activities like watching videos online, completing online surveys, downloading or playing specific. This will earn them points that can be utilized to get free of cost Google Play cards.

Also, the user will get balance per day just for logging in the account. Also, the user can make his account as a VIP one just by connecting his account with his Facebook account.

This can be installed on the Android devices and get free of cost Google Play cards.

Similar to other applications, in this application, you will get referral points when you refer this application to your friends. Each referral will get about 100 points if he signs up for the account.

In contrast to another app, this app needs to have 1000 points to get $1, therefore, this app will ask the user to perform more activities to get $10 Google Play cards.

The application is, however, trustworthy and let you earn points whenever the user logs in irrespective of whether the user does the activities or not.

8- From FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is much admired by the people. This application allows you to get reward points just for downloading the applications and specific games. Also, the user can make extra points by referring this app to his friends.

The exclusive fact of this application is that this app provides prize points just for watching Youtube video offers.

Moreover, FreeMyApps also states that they will hand out about $27 million gift cards to the clients in place of Free of cost Google Play cards and currencies of the game.

Also, users can use their points for donation purposes as well.

9- From JunoWallet (Android App)

JunoWallet is also an application that works the same way as other applications. The user has to complete several tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, etc. however the different feature of this app is that the user can also earn points by making calls and obtain unknown prizes. In case the user wins this unknown reward then he has to quickly open it because otherwise, it may disappear within 10 seconds.

The user can also refer this service to his friends to extra points through reference method.

So these points can then be further traded in for getting free of cost Google Play cards.

10- Via Cubicer

This application lets the user gain free of cost Google Play Cards by online making use of applications and games. Also by referring to the friend about this application user can also get the reward.

The points earned can also be used to exchange the for PayPal credit.

Final Words for Getting Free Google Play Codes

So the internet provides you the numerous ways and methods to get free of cost Google Play gift card by just only utilizing balance multipliers and hacks of codes. There are very precise and exhaustive detail information and guidance available o net about the ways to get free of cost Google play cards but ultimately they fake the user and user efforts go vain.

In case you want to gain free of cost Google play cards through completing some activities that are free to do then do go through the methods that have been discussed in this article in great detail. All activities will only need a mobile phone, personal computer, and good net connection.

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