Free Google Play Gift Codes

12 Ways to Earn Free Google Play Gift Codes in 2020

Free Google Play Gift Codes

Free Google Play Codes – We all know that millions of different applications are available Google play store, most of the games are free but the truth is those games and applications which are actually useful and constructive are paid.

How to Get Free Google Play Gift Codes

Here in this section, we will guide you that how you will be able to get free Google play codes without much effort. The free game mode will limit your access to certain features. But if you want access to all functionalities you will have to unlock the premium mode and for this purpose, you need to pay some amount which will be added to your account. In the end, this amount will become much more than you are ready to pay.

Currently, every developer is developing games which are paid and we don’t think so that you really want to spend all of your savings on purchasing games and applications. Well, you are fortunate that you are here. No need to spend all of your money on digital products. You can get free Google Play gift cards in 2019 through which you can purchase and enjoy applications and games.

What Are Google Play Gift Card Codes & How To Use Them?

Do you know the use and purpose of Google Play gift cards? They are used for buying different items like Books, videos on Google Play store. With the help of Google Play gift card, you can purchase applications and games as well as you can unlock the premium model. Also, you can send these to your friend or family as a gift.

Google play codes never get expired. You can keep and use them until you need them to buy any high-priced application or game. If you want to purchase the Google Play gift cards online, then you have to give your personal information along with some amount of money.

How to Get Free Google Play Codes?

We know the fact that no one wants to pay for online applications and games. So, we will help you to earn free Google Play codes. You will get a credit or bonus as a reward for performing different easy and simple tasks.

1. Google Play Codes Generator

Google Play code generator will generate limitless Google Play gift card codes for you, and the good thing is it is free with no survey requirement. Many program codes when downloaded causes many virus issues but this generator is virus free you can download the code generator program without any second thought. It is the simplest and easiest way to find new Google Play redeems codes. Check this simple trick to get free Roblox Codes in your Roblox account.

2. Free Google Play Codes List

Given below is the list of functioning Google play redeem codes which you use to buy on Google Play store.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

One of the excellent and well-known ways to obtain free Google Play codes is from Google itself. All you need to do is to get yourself register on Google Opinion Rewards and fill the surveys directed to you by the Google Survey Team.

For Android devices, you can download Google Opinion Rewards applications from Google play and for ios devises you can download it from App store. You will get rewarded up to $1 immediately after successful completion of the survey. Maybe you will get many reviews in one week, or perhaps you will get only one study in a week. It depends on the availability of surveys.

Many surveys conducted by Google are different from reviews and feedback have taken by other companies. These surveys usually backed up by the company. They can ask about various things like about your favorite clothing brand, or comparison of two politicians, etc. However, there are some natural methods like you can also get rewarded by downloading some applications and games. These methods are better so we should prefer these.

4. Via Swagbucks

Many people love Swagbucks. It is the most popular website. You can easily earn Swags by doing completing small surveys, doing online shopping, internet surfing, watching movies, etc. You can make a free Google Play gift card from Swagbucks with no use of smartphone application.

5. Via FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints enable the user to earn points by merely downloading the app and then using it for a minute or more. The app which you have to download changes with on a daily basis. It may be a book, article, any latest application or may a video.

You can use these points to get Google Play codes & credits, gift cards or any paid applications, etc. For Google play gift card codes you need have enough points which are equivalent to the value of  $10 or $15 gift card. You can also increase your points by merely mentioning it to your friend or family. Feature point will share with you 50% of the points they obtain.

6. AppNana

AppNana is a useful application. You can get points (nanas) by merely downloading the app or game.

AppNana is a simple application you will get 400 points by merely logging in to your account every day.  You can also get points by playing the game of your interest or downloading the application.

You can redeem your AppNana points either in Google Play, iTunes gift cards or you can use them to purchase paid applications from AppNana store.

7. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps permits the user to get a bonus by downloading promoted apps and games. You can also earn points by promoting it to your friend

The very distinct and unique feature of the FreeMyApps is that you can earn points just by watching YouTube videos.

If you some extra, then you can share your points with charity.

8. Cubicer

Cubic Reward (previous name) or Cubicer enables the user to earn free Google play gift cards by using different applications and games. You can also get some extra points by promoting it your friends.

You can also get a PayPal balance in the exchange of these Cubicer points.

9. Register Your Samsung Device

Google offers free Google gift card whenever you buy new Google devices. Do you know Samsung also offers Google Play Gift Card with their devices? You may receive a free $25 Google play gift card.

If you want to check that you are applying for a specific offer or not you can register your Samsung device right now.

For register purpose visit given the website

Check out:

10. Gift Box (Android App)

Gift rank is the highly ranked with 4.7-star rating application with excellent reviews. You can earn points by downloading applications, watching videos, playing games, etc.

There are many different tasks each day that let you earn more points and they also have a spin wheel to earn more rewards.

11. WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

To receive free Google Play codes you need to connect your Facebook account with WhAFF Rewards so you can proceed further.

Once your connection is complete, then you can start earning by downloading the applications and games. If you keep these games and applications more than a given limit you will get some extra points.

You will get a reward in the form of Google Play credits, Facebook cash, PlayStation Codes, and even currencies like bitcoin.

12. Buy a Chromecast Device

As we have already described, you will get a free Google Play gift card when you buy a chromecast device. You can register your device to check whether you are applicable or not. Google play rewards changes. You may get $5 or even $25. You will get a reward for every device you will register.

If you want to keep your self-updated, you can press o the Google Home button, and you will receive information about all available offers. For every device, you own you will get $6 by registering on Chromecast Offers.

How to Redeem Your Google Play Codes?

The tricky thing is to earn free credits. When you have the balance, you can redeem it.

  • Step 1: Go to and login to your account.
  • Step2: Now, search for the game you want to purchase.
  • Step 3: In this step, just tap on the purchase button and then click continue.
  • Step 4: In Payment method select the Google Play gift card to purchase the game or application.

Note: If you want more information about the payment method you can visit Google’s Official Guide.

Final Thoughts

There are so many methods available on the internet which claims to provide you free Google gift card through credit or code tricks. Even they will tell you in much detail about how to get free Google gift cards, but you must know that they are fake.

You can only earn Google Play credits by doing small tasks like surveys etc. You need to follow the method in the above list for this purpose.

All you need is to have time, a good internet connection, and a laptop or mobile device.

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Just like Apple has the App Store for the users, Google came up with the Google Play Store for the Android users that allows them to download different applications. Google Play isn’t all about the application but also music, videos, games, books and so much more. It is like an online platform for Android users where they can access anything.

Even though Google Play is quite amazing and fascinating but the problem with this online store is that most of the items on it a paid which means that you have to pay a certain amount to get those applications, music, movies and etc. Even though some users pay to get such apps while others choose the alternative way and download APKs and etc.

The one problem with Google Play is that it doesn’t allow underage users’ access to the Gift Cards. Even though you have to pay for these gift cards but they come in quite handy sometimes when you don’t have a debit or the credit card to make purchases. Well not to worry anymore because now you can get your hands on free Google Play Gift cards.

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Card is a virtual card that allows you to make certain purchases from the Google Play Store. Unlike other online stores and websites, Google doesn’t produce these Gift Cards but you can buy them from other online retail outlets that sell Google Play Gift Card for different values.

For example, you get a $10 Google Play Gift Card from an online store. That gift card will have a certain code on it. When you put that code into your Google Play account you can redeem that gift card and make purchases for $10. And that is how a gift card works.

What is a Google Play Gift Card Generator?

Now you know that gift cards are paid cards. But now you can get free gift cards as well by using a Google Play Gift Card Generator. A generator is an online tool that using numeric algorithms to produce codes that are similar to the real codes on the purchased Gift Cards. So instead of buying a gift card, you can get it for free which means you will have some extra free money to purchase items from the Google Play for free.

The generator will generator multiple codes at a time. All of them will not work for you. You have to look for the ones that work for you by entering the codes in the account. Once you have your hands on a working code you can redeem it to purchase items from the store.

How to generate codes using Google Play Gift Card Generator?

You can easily generate codes using the Google Play Gift Card generator. You just have to follow a few steps and that is it.

  1. Go to the Google Play Gift Card Generator
  2. Select your device and country from the options
  3. Generator and done!

If you are in search of free Google Play codes  Then, you are at the right place we have developed generator to provide you free Google play gift card. Our gift card generator will help you to produce infinite number of free Google play codes without any survey filling and human validation. Google Play,  is an online service which is developed by itself Google, only for Android users. Google Play store has a variety of application created for fun and amusement on customer need, for example, Google Play films & TV, Google Play sound and music, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, and Google Play Newsstand, Google plays hangouts and Maps, etc. The app store provides all the above-mentioned services to its users for free by using gift card codes.

Millions of Songs, Movies, Films, seasons, series, TV Shows, and eBooks, are available on the google play application for its users.  People across the world from different age groups can access this online library. They would love to use it. However, Google play has restricted the immature users from getting access to the Google Wallet. They do not allow underage users. If currently, you are in some condition that you can’t buy the gift card .do not worry as we are offering you a free gift card. By these gift cards, you will get full access to Google Play apps. This gift card will let u enter in the new whole world of entertainment nothing will bother or stopped you. Most of online retailers and sites vend their gift cards for a different price ranging from 10$ to 25$. But our generator is providing the same featured card without any cost.

How to Get Free Google Play Gift Card Codes?

The best thing about Google play is gift cards. These gift cards are used for buying only Google facilities, for example, Google Apps, Google Play Movies, Music, Books, news booth, and Belongings. These gift cards are available on different online and offline shop. Google is not a single vendor of this card but you can buy from different other websites. Inside Google Play Computerized gift vouchers like Google Play card is a brilliant method to buy any services.

Win $5, $10, $30, $50, $10 Google Play Codes

We have developed a Google Play gift card tool called generator by using this, one can easily generate free Google Play gift cards. It’s the simplest way to create gift cards codes and easy to use. Thanks a lot to the diligent and well-deserved developer team. Who has built an efficient algorithm, which makes this generator best one .another best thing about this system is it does not demand any verification. As you know Google Play gift card generator works on a very efficient algorithm that generates free Google Play codes. However, ensure that you are utilizing the generator in a stimulated area.

Google Play gift vouchers are accessible just in the accompanying nations: America, Japan, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden Italy, Austria, Mexico, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, France, Norway,  Switzerland, and the England.

Now go and See what you can buy with Google Play amount in your homeland.

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